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Navigate to your Editing page using the "Editing" link at the right of the search bar on any page. Then click the "Add New" link on your Editing page, then click the "Add Creator" button on the resulting page. The following screen will appear.


You may then fill in all the information you know about a Creator in the fields available. For rules on Creator Names, see [Creator Names]. For more information on any of the fields, see the [Formatting Documentation] page, Section 7.0: Creator.

Press the "Submit new creator" button when finished. The information will be submitted for approval by an Editor. When approved (usually within a week) the new feature will be available to use for use in the Creator dropdown list when editing sequences. If the Editor has any questions during approval, he will contact you.

To add additional names to an existing Creator:

1.1 Choose the Add New Button
1.2 Type the name
1.3 Choose a Type of name from the first drop-down list, see Relation Type Fields.
1.4 Choose a Relation Type from the second drop-down list, see Relation Type Fields.

You may continue to add additional names as needed. You may also delete incorrect names not related to this Creator.

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