Adding a Missing Issue

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We also allow addition of variant issues, when an issue already exists. For instructions on adding a variant issue and the definitions of what constitutes a variant issue, see Variant Issues.

To add issues to a series, search for the series using the Search feature at the top of any page and drill down into it. The Series page provides buttons at the upper right to allow you to add several types of information. Press the "Add Issues" button.

Series page.JPG

There are several ways to add issues, depending on their numbering style. Choose the button that fits the system for the issues you wish to add. For unusual numbering systems you need the "Add single" issue button. If you are adding issues to a current, ongoing series, a general rule is not to work ahead more than three months or so for a monthly series. Exceptions are mini-series, which are often set up all in one go, as the final issue is already announced (although of course not certain, as the series may be expanded or cancelled prematurely).

Add Issues.JPG

Choosing any button will bring you to the "Adding Issues" screen. This screen asks for the same information you would fill in when editing an issue, using the “Edit Issue Fields” button. For more information on filling in these fields, see the OI_Tutorial, "2. Edit issue fields" section. There is some slight difference in the numbering you will be asked to provide, depending on which button you chose.

Add An Issue.JPG

Press the "Submit new issues" button when finished. The information will be submitted for approval by an Editor. When approved (usually within a week) the new issue(s) will be available to use for adding data to. If the Editor has any questions during approval, he will contact you.

Note that while you can retract a single issue to make further changes, you cannot retract multiple issues once submitted. Either single or multiple issue submissions may be discarded.

Also see the OI Tutorial for more information on beginning a new index.