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For information on when to create new Series, see New Series.

The New Series is created from the Publisher page by clicking on the Add series button. (note: a right click can be used on this button)

The Series (Book) Name spelled as it appears in the indicia or title page. If there is no indicia or title page (as is common in European comics) the cover title should be used. See also the GCD Style Guide for general rules of style regarding Series Titles.

Required field

  • Leading articles (e.g. "A", "An" or "The") are marked by a checkbox.
  • When the languages of the Series Name and the content do not match, each publication language (the language of the contents) sets the rules by which foreign language titles are sorted, using that publication language's most widespread conventions. We collect these rules on the following page: Foreign language sortings.
  • Series Name is listed in upper/lower case, not all caps. Regular rules of capitalization apply. I.e., titles from American publications will use the MLA English title case rules for English, titles from German publications will use the title case rules for German, etc.
  • However, if the Series Name is given using mixed capitalization inside the individual words in a consistent fashion over the run of the series, record the Series Name like that. Other unusual title capitalizations can be considered on a case by case basis by the Policy List and approved by a vote of its members.
  • If a name of a series contains a / to separate two individual name components, we use a space before and after the /, independent of how the name appears in print in regard to spaces. No spaces are used if the / is integral part of the name.
    • Examples:
-Free Comic Book Day Family Guy / Hack/Slash
-Batman / Superman
  • Multiple series with the same name are differentiated by the dates of the series rather than any change in the data in this field (i.e. "Eternals" with a starting date of 2008, not "Eternals [4th series]"). If multiple series with the same name came out starting in the same year, we have to do something else which is not yet decided.
  • Per our Glossary definition a flip-book is: "A comic which contains 2 stories, which start at opposite ends of the book. Each story is "flipped" upside down compared to the other story. Also referred to as "tete-beche"." Because of the nature of flip-books having two series names, one needs to be determined to be the first or primary series name and the other as the secondary series name. BOTH series names have to used together as the book name. To determine what side of a flip-book comic book to enter first as the Series Name, follow these steps in the order listed:
  1. Is there a page on both sides that shows both indicias/colophons in the same order? If yes, then the one listed first is the primary side. If not, go to (Step 2).
  2. Does only one side (but not both) have the indicia/colophon printed on it, even if there are two indicias/colophons on that page? If yes, then that side is the primary side. If not, go to (Step 3).
  3. Is one of the sides (but not both) part of a recurring series? If yes, then that side is the primary side. If not, go to (Step 4).
  4. Is one of the sides longer in page count than the other? If yes, then that side is the primary side. If not, go to (Step 5).
  5. Of the two titles, the first one alphabetically (neglecting a leading article like "The" or "A") is the primary side.
  • Of special note is the series formerly known as Holyoke One-Shot and also known by that name in some comics price guides and other references. The GCD Policy committee has voted to split this "series" into several series using the titles of each issue. These resulting series are connected by tracking links.
  • Of special note is the series known as Heavy Metal Special Editions. The GCD Policy committee has voted to have these books indexed as a single series called "Heavy Metal Special Editions" with issue titles (e.g. "Taboo Special", "Overdrive", "The Venus Interface").
  • At some point in the future, there will be an ability to record one or more alternate publication titles for a series record, together with an alternate title "type" (such as a cover title or spine title). The details of this alternate title, including the exact list of valid types, has not yet been worked out and will be determined by subsequent votes.
  • Examples:
Action Comics
The Adventures of Superman - with leading article checkbox ticked
A Patty Cake Christmas - with leading article checkbox ticked
Best of the West
Der Aufschub - with leading article checkbox ticked
ElfQuest, xxxHOLiC, DNAgents
Atomic Robo / Bodie Troll Free Comic Book Day 2013 - Atomic Robo determined to be primary name of a flip-book

(end of definition)

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