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A brand group identifies a distinct brand identity of a publisher. For that purpose a brand group collects one or several brand emblems together. Roughly speaking, the brand emblems are the images, the brand group are what 'brand' they identify.

The general rules for what is a publisher's brand apply here as well.

  • A publisher's brand identifies a publisher of comics. This includes parts of the comic publisher with a separate publishing identity.
  • A comic book brand recognized in our data base is recorded for any book on which it appears, including co-published cross-overs and foreign or licensed editions.
  • In practice, we currently record in our publisher's brand field those brands which belong to a so-called 'master' publisher in our database.
  • Logos or other markings identifying a distributor or to associate a series with a non-comics entity such as a TV show or toy line are currently not tracked.

A brand group belongs to one publisher, it has to be added separately so it will be available in the drop-down. See Adding a New Brand for more details.

In difference to brand emblems, for which at current time an issue can only have one (so multiple brands should be recorded separated by a semi-colon and a space) a brand group is unique in this sense. In case of a brand emblem for multiple brands, that brand emblem will belong to several brand groups.

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