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Sometimes an object cannot be edited or deleted because other objects in the database depend on it existing, or because other changes are being made that might conflict with a new edit or invalidate the reason for deleting it.

Pending Changes Prevent both Edits and Deletes

If an object is already being edited, you can neither delete it nor edit it again until the current change is committed or discarded. This prevents conflicting edits from happening. Note that if someone abandons an edit, it will eventually be automatically submitted so that the editors can decide what to do with it, and free the object up for further edits.

Dependent Objects Prevent Deletes

We currently only allow deleting something if no other objects depend on it. Otherwise, you must first delete the dependent objects before you can delete the thing they depend on. So what does that mean?

  • An issue cannot be deleted if it has variants or reprint links attached or in the process of being attached. Additionally, if there are changes to any covers that are pending, the issue cannot be deleted until those changes are committed or discarded.
  • A series cannot be deleted if it has any issues or series bonds, or if any issues or series bonds are in the process of being added. [NOTE: At time of writing, a bug allows series to be deleted even if series bonds are present]
  • A brand group cannot be deleted if it has brand emblems or a brand emblem is being added.
  • A brand or indicia publisher cannot be deleted if it is in use by an issue or by an issue that is being added.
  • A publisher cannot be deleted if it has any series, brands, or indicia publishers, or if any of those things are being added.