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Required field

  • A comics publication is one in which the majority (>= 50%) of the publication's content (excluding covers and advertising) consists of comics and/or cartoons.
  • If most issues in the series do NOT meet this guideline, we turn the is_comics_publication flag off.
  • If the series changes from mostly comics to mostly not comics or vice versa, check with an editor or on the main mailing list.
  • Publications of single panel cartoons, comic panels, editorial cartoons and gag cartoons are considered comic publications that can be indexed.

For non-comics publications these limitations hold

  • only comics sequences may be indexed. These are the following Types: comic story, photo story, cartoon, and about comics.
  • cover scans will not be accepted for any issue that has not been indexed with at least 10 percent comics. If the cover has comic material, it may be indexed.

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