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Current Committees

Feature Committee

Established: 2023-02-18 by Board Motion and modified 2023-07-27 by Board Motion

Chair: to be determined

Members: Jan Roar Hansen, Ray Bottorff, Juan Gonzalez, Ramon Schenk, Scott Novick, Boris Ammerlaan, Richard Thompson, and (ex-officio) the current Board Chair.

Objective: The Committee is, charged with reviewing our use of Feature and recommending rules, definitions, usage, and other aspects of Feature for the database. The committee shall have a year to develop their recommendations, which would then be submitted to the Board for review and adoption.

Public Relations Committee

Established: 2020-03-22 by Board Motion

Chair: Lionel English

Members: Shad Z. Daly, Brian Herald, Ken Austin, Matthew Gore, Ron Sadowski, Valmiki Annamanthado, Ray Bottorff Jr., and ex officio, the Treasurer.

Objective: undefined

Special Provisions: Additionally, this Committee would be directed to form, from its membership, a subcommittee designated as the Convention Committee. Of course, the Chair would retain the prerogative of appointing additional members.

Unresolved Organizational Issues: Organizational questions that have not been resolved by the Board, that were not addressed in the motion creating the committee. This committee is a combination of a current coordinators group, the PR Coordinators, with a current committee, the Convention Circuit Committee. We need to decide whether this new combination will operate under committee or coordinators rules. Committees currently operate without much in the way of rules, whereas coordinators operate under this framework: . Duties: Currently, "The PR Coordinators are responsible for the public relations of the GCD. These duties include:

  • monitoring the contact list
  • maintaining the front page(s)
  • maintaining a presence on social networking sites (Facebook, etc)
  • maintaining and updating dog & pony shows that could be used by members at cons (e.g. PowerPoint demos or the like, of varying focuses and lengths)
  • maintaining a selection of print adverts of various sizes to be used where opportunity presents.
  • acting as press agents as needed (e.g. notifying comics news sites and/or bloggers when there's noteworthy GCD news)
  • solicit help from other members as needed in order to accomplish these responsibilities."

One of their current projects is to maintain a calendar of important dates in comics' and comic creators' lives. It should be noted that of the people proposed for this committee, only Ray Bottorff is currently monitoring the contact list: that is most frequently performed by Donald Milne and Jochen Garcke.

The current Convention Circuit Committee has the following rules: "Handle all convention related activities for the GCD, including identifying conventions to participate in, recruiting volunteers, creating programs for our convention activities, developing budgets, defining success metrics, managing and advertising convention appearances."

The new Public Relations Committee has no procedure set for appointing a chair. The motion to create the Public Relations Committee does specify a current chair but makes no provision for changes if that person later resigns. It also makes no provision for a chair for the Convention Committee Subcommittee.

Each group currently has its own e-mail group list. Both are retained.

The PR Coordinators were previously established by a different Board vote, and the motion creating the Public Relations Committee did not delete that group from our structure.

Mailing List: GCD PR Team Committee

Convention Committee (Subcommittee of Public Relations Committee)

Established: 2020-03-22 by Board Motion

Chair: Ron Sadowski (by Board Chair appointment)

Objective: Handle all convention related activities for the GCD, including identifying conventions to participate in, recruiting volunteers, creating programs for our convention activities, developing budgets, defining success metrics, managing and advertising convention appearances.

Mailing List: gcd-conventions

Past Committees

Style Guide Committee

Established: Approximately July 2016, circumstances uncertain.

Members: Tony Rose

Objective: The committee was charged with coming up with a set of general purpose (not field specific) formatting guidelines. The committee would bring said guidelines to the board for ratification and/or amendment. Said guidelines would be used as default rules for any field that does not have explicit rules to the contrary. Final adopted guidelines as amended are at Style Guide.

Report Delivered: December 5, 2018. Amended by the Board thereafter in a series of motions and adopted 2019-12-23 by Board Motion.

Dissolved: 2020-11-01 by Board Motion.

Comics Bibliography Committee

Established: 2015-10-29 by the Chair, in response to Board discussions on implementing the comics bibliography module as approved by Motion of 2015-06-25, "That the GCD create a comics bibliography module within the database to fulfill one of its stated goals: "The ability to record references to all books and articles about comics stories, strips, and panels, their creators, their publishers, or profiles or histories of comics features, characters, or publications.""

Chair: not yet chosen

Members: Lionel English, Todd Enoch, Will Allred, Mike Rhode, Gene Kannenberg, Jochen Garcke

Objective: This is essentially a whole new database, though it may be related to our comics database and may even use some features and/or fields. Some of the issues to be determined include what data fields to record, how closely should it mimic a traditional book or academic paper bibliography, what types of books and papers, articles, blogs, etc. should we include, whether it should be be a database of citations or a database of publications, and anything else needing consideration. The committee will deliberate and then send a recommendation to the Board, similar to what we have done with newspaper strips, characters, creator data, features, etc.

Mailing List: GCD Bibliography Module Committee

Report Delivered: discussions in progress

Dissolved: 2020-11-01 by Board Motion

Character Table Design Committee

Established: 2012-09-04 by Board Motion

Chair: Lionel English

Objective: To discuss and define requirements for implementing a Character Table as part of the GCD and report its findings to the Board for action.

Mailing List: GCD Character Table Design Committee

Report Delivered: 2020-06

Recommendations of the Character Table Committee

Dissolved: 2020-11-01 by Board Motion

Creator Table Specifications Committee

Established: 2014-03-22 by the Chair, in response to Board discussions on outsourcing this project.

Chair: Donald Dale Milne

Objective: Create the specifications and associated bid documents needed to put the creation of creator tables and online editing of those tables out for bids by outside contractors.

Mailing List: gcd-specifications

Report Delivered: January 19, 2015: specifications and bid documents approved by the Board February 2, 2015 - Creator Table Specifications Committee

Convention Circuit Committee

Established: 2013-11-21 by Board Motion

Chair: (vacant)

Objective: Handle all convention related activities for the GCD, including identifying conventions to participate in, recruiting volunteers, creating programs for our convention activities, developing budgets, defining success metrics, managing and advertising convention appearances.

Mailing List: gcd-conventions

Report Delivered: December 27, 2014 Conventions Committee Report

Past Chairs: Mike Nielsen - 2015-2016, Daniel Nauschuetz - 2014

Committee to Study Who's Who Integration

Established: June 18, 2011 by Board Motion

Chair: Donald Dale Milne

Objective: Produce a report on integrating the Bails' Who's Who into the structure of the GCD.

Mailing List: gcd-whos who

Report Delivered: April 12, 2012 - Who's Who Committee Report

Committee to Rework Genre List

Established: November 10, 2010 by Board Motion

Chair: Tony Rose, Jim Van Dore

Objective: Update the GCD genre list.

Mailing List: GCD Genre Committee

Report Delivered: April 12, 2012 Genre Committee Report

Established: May 27, 2011 by Board Motion

Chair: Jochen Garcke

Objective: Exploratory committee to outline a proposal for the proposed project. Said committee to consist of three to six people, and to be charged with writing a requirements doc for presentation to the board outlining a suggested features for the project.

Report Delivered: September 6, 2011

Comic Strip Committee

Established: September 3, 2010 by Board Motion

Chair: Lionel English

Objective: Explore the possibility of a comic-strip database. The Comic Strip Committee is only responsible for identifying a logical set of data points to be collected and implementation. The structural details such as data normalization and table structures will delegated to the tech team at a later date.

Mailing List: GCD Comic Strips

Report Delivered: December 12, 2010 . The report [1] lists the data points we want to capture and the functionality we desire.

Strategic Committees

Established: March 4, 2010

Objective:Present proposals that outline where the GCD should be on April 1, 2014 (the project's 20th anniversary) in clear, measurable goals that will help the Board achieve, retain and support the objectives. Milestones should be developed in such a way that members can reach the goals in incremental steps (short term goals to achieve the long term goals). Periodic updates will be provided.

Goals will support the mission statement, but committees are asked to consider ways in which the focus area might contribute to the overall objective of the GCD Project within the given time frame. Brainstorming sessions can be used to identify realistical and achievable goals with some leeway for labor and finances since those areas might grow. Costs of each idea (financial and other resources) and prioritize the idea must be included in the final result.

Financial Goals

Chairman: Tony Rose

Objective: The Financial Goal Committee focused on the following:

  • identify income and expense areas
  • identify growth areas (such as increasing Google Ad revenues, paypal donations and other revenue streams?)
  • decide on a reserve fund

Mailing List: GCD Financial Goals

Results: None

Hardware Committee

Chairman: Ralf Haring

Objective: The Hardware Committee focused on the following:

  • define growth plans, if any, do we have for support services, like the wiki, the bugzillas and review board.
  • identify additional features, better integration, and new support applications.
  • determine the need for any new hardware requirements for areas that might maintain or even improve stability and performance.

Mailing List: gcd-hardware-committee

Results: None

Software Committee

Chairman: Henry Andrews

'Objective:' The Software Committee focused on the following:

  • determine if project will be able to reach the New Fun schema within the allotted time frame
  • determine if the New Fun schema needs revisions.
  • determine if progress can be made to the More Fun schema
  • examine the possibility of expanding into other projects (*not* strips or reference work)
  • examine the possibility of web service support
  • recruit more developers

Mailing List: gcd-software-committee

Results: Software Planning Committee 2010