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See the GCD Official Name page for rules for entering the GCD Official Name.

For all other names entered for any creator, enter the name exactly as you have found it referenced.

  • If the name is an abbreviation, enter it as found, including any punctuation used.
  • If the name is a single name only, such as surname, enter it as found.
  • Enter the Sort name:
    • The aim is to use the language of birth, or main residence, of the creator for the sort name. This in particular concerns added prepositions such as 'de', 'van', 'von'. In the Netherlands, as for example in Germany, Spain, Portugal and (considering prepositions) France, these are not a part of the indexing process, and in encyclopedias, telephone books, etc. surnames are sorted starting with the first capitalized letter. In Belgium, as in English speaking countries, South Africa, Italy and (considering articles) France, indexing includes these, leading to large sections under "D" and "V". When "de" occurs with French names of one syllable, alphabetize under d: De Jean, Denise. Otherwise, alphabetize by last name: Maupassant, Guy de.
  • For all the names in the Creator Record, one and only one name must be selected as the official name.
  • Select the name type if known from the drop down selection, you can leave the selection blank if you are unsure of the name type.:
    • Changed Name
    • Common Alternative Name
    • Name at Birth
    • Pen Name
    • Studio Name
  • For Birth Names, Changed Names and Common Alternate Names, you may also enter the "Family Name" (last name in English; some languages are reversed). Enter the remainder of the name (one or more parts) as the "Given Name" as this tag is intended for "...any other legal names other than family name." See examples below. These fields can not be filled out for any other name types.
  • Even if the name is an obvious pen name, alias, studio name, or house name, enter it as found. Studios are intended as creator records, as are individuals, collaborations, shops, or any other documented creator name.
  • Do not use square brackets "[ ]" or any other punctuation that is not found with the name.
  • Do not add any notes to the name in parentheses.
  • Do not add any "?" to the name.
  • Creator names should be recorded in their native script and the script indicated by selecting from the 'In Script' drop-down. Script herein referring to a "set of graphic characters used for the written form of one or more languages" as defined by ISO 15924 (see The native transcription of the creator's name will the Official Name, with the selection of the appropriate script, and we shall require a Romanized transcription of the name as a Common Alternative Name for all non-Latin names.
  • When a creator's name appears both accented and not accented, only one shall be added and used as a name record, and the other may be entered in the "credited as" field as needed.
    • example:
      • George Pérez
      • George Pérez (credited as George Perez)

CORRECT Examples:

  • Richard Howell - Name Type = "Name at Birth"
  • H. T. Elmo - Name Type = "Common Alternative Name"
  • Lance Kirby - Name Type = "Pen"
  • Jack Kirby - Name Type = "Changed Name"
  • John Powers Severin - Name Type = "Name at Birth"
    • John Powers = "Given"
    • Severin = "Family"
  • Will Eisner Studio - Name Type = "Studio Name"


  • Sara Algase [as Veronica]
  • Al McLean (signed)
  • Otto Feuer ?
  • Stephanie Maxwell; Ashley Buzzell

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