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What is the purpose of the GCD discussion lists?

The Grand Comics Database™ provides multiple e-mail discussion lists for communication among its members so that the community may answer any questions regarding comic books and carry out the functions of the GCD. Each list serves different functions, which have been defined in the GCD List Charters. (er... in theory- no one's been able to locate said charters recently :-)

What are the differences between the lists?

gcd-main (join)

The GCD-Main e-mail discussion list is the key list provided by The Grand Comics Database™ for use as an indexing resource for the project.

Postings considered on-topic for this list include anything directly related to the indexing of comic books for the database such as questions about indexing, missing credits, or creator identification. This list is also used for official GCD business, such as administrative updates, announcements to the membership, Board elections, etc. Any discussion of rules or operational details beyond what is needed to clearly answer a question shall no longer be an appropriate topic for the list. In particular, as soon as an attempt to answer a question becomes controversial, it must move to the gcd-policy list.

gcd-tech (join)

The GCD-Tech list is an e-mail discussion list whose primary function is to discuss the technical aspects of the Project. Detailed discussion of the GCD data and table files, and what can be done to improve them, may also take place here. Postings considered on-topic for this list include the more technical aspects of the Project such as database design, hardware and software specifications, or feature beta testing. The archives of the list are viewable at

gcd-policy (join)

The GCD-Policy e-mail discussion list is the list provided by The Grand Comics Database™ for use in debating and resolving questions of day-to-day-operations. Operational questions without clear answers that arise on gcd-main or any other GCD mailing list should be moved to this list, with a notification to the original list that topic is being discussed on gcd-policy.

Questions suitable for discussion on gcd-policy include but are not limited to:

  • Formatting questions
  • Non-technical aspects of proposed new, changed or deleted fields
  • Questions about whether an item belongs in the database or not
  • How to go about resolving a problem getting a changed approved

gcd-chat (join)

The GCD-Chat e-mail discussion list is where those interested in any form of general comics discussion can meet. On this list all sorts of topics like comic history, industry, marketplace, fandom, collecting, continuity, characters, stories, creators, news, and current events get discussed. This list also allows discussion of any type to take place even if it goes beyond comics.

Sometimes comic conversation on this list may drift into related sister arts (animation, comic strips, movies, TV, etc.). This is not considered off-topic but instead a carry-over of conversation. If the thread removes itself further from its original source, we ask that all efforts be made to change the header. If a discussion is on a topic not about comics we ask that posters include an Off-Topic tag (OT) in the header.

gcd-mycomics-users (join)

This group is for users and potential users of My.Comics, the Grand Comics Database's collection management web site at In addition to discussions among users, we would love to hear from users and potential users about what works, what doesn't, and what should be improved next.

Discussions here should focus on the user's experience. For technical concerns or to inquire about contributing to the code, go to [email protected]. For general discussion of how to use the GCD proper ( without the "my"), go to [email protected]. For other GCD-related inquiries, email [email protected].


The GCD-Editor list is for the editors of the GCD to discuss indexing and other topics directly related to the inputting and correcting of data. This list is by invitation only.


The GCD-Board e-mail list is for discussion of Board policy and votes. This list is by invitation only, though the archives are viewable by anybody at the board archives.


Receiving email from the Error List is by invitation only, mainly for the Editors. Anyone can contribute to the error list at Please see the Error Tracker FAQ for more information.


The gcd-contact email address can be used for initial contact with the GCD. Anyone can email the list. The address of the list is [email protected].

International mailing lists

These are specific e-mail discussion lists for the countries named in the list titles. Each one's primary function is to help list members from these nations to index for the GCD. General discussions about issues related to comics in these countries are also allowed. Please make all efforts to e-mail in the native language of each list.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from the e-mail lists?

The Main Email Lists

The main email lists are managed through google groups at

To subscribe or unsubscribe from the e-mail lists, visit and chose the list you would like to subscribe to. Click on the "sign in and apply for membership" link or the "contact the owner" link and follow the instructions from there.

If you are unable to subscribe, e-mail the GCD contact e-mail address.

How do I switch to digest mode or otherwise change my preferences on the Google Groups lists?

1. Look at the bottom of any message from the list. Click on the link next to the words "For more options...".

2. a. If you are already signed in to google groups you will see a link on the right called "Edit my memberships". It's under "About the group" but above the group info box. Click on it and go to step 6.

2. b. If you see a page that says "You must be signed in.." then click the link in the main panel that says "Sign in to Google Groups" and go on to the next step.

3. a. If you have any sort of Google account associated with the email address *that the list sends email to*, try to log in with that. If it works you'll see the "Edit my memberships" link from step 2. a. Click that and go to step 6.

3. b. If you do not have an account, click "Create an Account Now". It's a bold link on the left side below the login section. This does NOT create a gmail account or convert your email system to gmail or anything like that.

4. Type in the email address that *the list sends email to.* This is very important. You must register under the email address the list is using. Choose a password. You probably want to uncheck the "Enable Web History" box unless you like Google snooping around in your browsing habits. Finish filling out the form and click the "I accept, create my account" button.

5. I don't remember what screen you get next. You may need to wait for Google to email you at that address and then reply to confirm that you own it. After that you should be able to log in. If you can't figure out any other way, go back to the link from step one and you should now be able to log in directly. Then you should see the "Edit my memberships" link from step 2. a. Click it.

6. You will now see a page giving you several options, including Digest Mode as well as Abridged Mode (sends a summary that you can then then decide whether to click through to the web version or not). You will also have the option to only read on the web.

7. Once you've registered and logged in once, you can visit the links for each mailing list and make the changes. You do not need to separately log in for each list.

What is the proper etiquette for the discussion lists?

Posters are encouraged to focus discussion on the topics outlined earlier in this FAQ. Please mark those posts that do NOT relate to the list charter with an off-topic (OT) tag in the subject line, and try not to drag out the discussion beyond any reasonable length of time. Posters are also expected to keep the subject line current as a courtesy to others.

All lists are non-moderated, so there is no censorship of any topic of conversation. However, we ask that the rules of common civility always be used in discussions. Part of maintaining your civility is not launching personal attacks against others whose opinion you may not agree with. If you do not care for a particular conversation, please use the delete button in your e-mail rather than voicing your displeasure to the group as a whole.

Whom do I contact for problems with the mailing list(s)?

If you are having trouble getting through to one of the lists, use the contact the owner link on the appropriate list's main page or use the GCD contact e-mail address. If you can get through to the lists and have some other problem, feel free to ask the list itself. We have a number of members who have excellent computer knowledge and can probably assist you.

Do any of the discussion lists keep public archives? Where can I check them out?

Archives of the discussion lists provided by the GCD exist. Anyone can view the archives of gcd-board and gcd-tech. Only members can view the archives of all other lists. The archives are available throught the main page on google groups for each list.

To remove a message from the archive see

I want to post an image to better explain a question. How can I accomplish this?

The main GCD lists currently allow attachments.

You may also put the image on a web page and include a link to the web page in an e-mail to one of the regular GCD discussion groups. Doing a search on Google for Free Image Hosting will bring up a number of sites that can host an image for free.

What were the "Genre Wars"?

The Genre Wars is a nickname many long time members have for a rather heated and ugly discussion about the addition of a genre field to the GCD format. The details of this incident are no longer important, but it remains an example of how we do NOT want discussions to go in the future on the GCD lists. All discussions, no matter how heated, should remain civil. At no point should they degenerate into name-calling and other ugliness.

Policy Votes Affecting This Topic

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