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  • Optional
  • Genre is the broad category that a story may be placed in. A sequence can belong to multiple genres, which should be separated by semi-colons.
  • Only the officially-sanctioned Genres on the current Official Genres List will be allowed in this field.
  • For stories that have a Feature, the Genre field should record the recurring categories found in all stories that share a given Feature, not all of the categories that may occur within each individual story. For example, an individual superhero story that contains humor or romance material would not have those listed as the Genre unless that was a recurring element of all stories with the same Feature. Also, for stories with features, the Genres from both the feature and from the story are displayed.
  • Stories that do not have a Feature (for example, stories in horror anthologies that don't have any ongoing continuity) will have the contents of their Genre field based on the content of each individual story.
  • Statement of Ownership and blank pages have no genre.

  • Examples:
* superhero 
* war 
* superhero; war
  • For more specific information than can be captured by the Official Genres, the Keywords field should be used.
  • Note that Genre and the Official Genre List are two of the most hotly debated topics when it comes to indexing at the GCD.
  • Genre report as approved by the Board on May 23, 2012.

See also the Official Genres List

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Policy Votes Affecting This Topic

Agenda Item "Statement of Ownership and blank pages" - approval by consensus - 2020-07-03

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