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Definition: A list of significant objects, locations, events, themes, etc that are apply to the Publisher, Brand, Indicia/Colophon Publisher, Series, Issue or Story. Do not put anything in the keyword field that *should* be put in another field.

Option: Optional

Data Entry: Longtext field allowing for multiple keywords separated by semi-colons.

Disallowed characters The following characters can not be used in the keyword field: < > { } : / \ | @ , ;


  • See also the GCD Style Guide for general information on the style of Keyword entries.
  • Indexers must limit the Keyword size to 100 characters.
  • Indexers must NOT group items with paraentheses or brackets.
  • Keywords that are clearly spam and/or trolling, including but not limited to the use of derogatory language such as slurs based on race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation are not allowed.
  • Keywords for issues and stories are linked on a page showing all issues or stories, respectively, with the same keyword.
    • Go to any issue and story with a keyword, click on the keyword and a list of all issues or stories with the same keyword will be generated.
  • Enter non-proper noun keywords in the plural, e.g. automobiles; beaches. But, sciences, philosophies, activities etc. should be in the singular, e.g. communism; physics; photography; surfing.

Keyword Examples:

* Batcave
* Wand of Watoomb
* Nazis
* Cold War
* French Revolution
* Latveria
* snow
* golf
* geometry; mathematics; rulers; compasses

(end of defintion)

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