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A "Publisher" in the GCD is an informal name grouping various closely related publishing companies or imprints. The Publisher field is sometimes referred to as the "Publisher Group" or (in older emails) the "Master Publisher".

  • The Publisher name should reflect the most common or obvious name, except when the commonly used name is not historically accurate
 * Publishers with multiple common names should have those names separated by a forward slash (policy vote)
 * Most of the personnel are the same
 * They have the same editorial address
 * They are related in time, in either of the following ways
   * They published concurrently ("editorial concurrence")
   * One was a successor to the other- the first company's titles moved to the second company ("editorial continuity")
  • Indicia publishers that meeting neither the editorial concurrence rule nor the editorial continuity rule should not be grouped under a single Publisher (policy vote)

The following exceptions to the above rules have been defined: