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We try to make a coordinated effort to add issue skeletons for new releases to improve GCD completeness in listing recent comics and, in particular, so that cover uploaders and users of can easily find them.

For US comics, the general process is:

  • Visit on Tuesday
  • There is usually no need to research anything beyond what is listed. One-shots and limited series runs (e.g. issue 1 of 5) are usually indicated.
  • Issue variants need to be added after the base issue is approved.
  • You can click on issues to get cover prices, barcodes, writers, artists and cover artists.
  • Optionally, for trade paperbacks and hard-covers you can look for additional information on publishers' websites or Amazon - the latter sometimes has previews of back covers and copyright pages.

An alternative source for comics shipping through Diamond is Previews World New Releases.

Members who participate in this project include:

US Publishers
Mike N. A- and B- publishers except Boundless Comics
Miki A. D- publishers except DC
Juan DC and Marvel
Ken A. Image
Steve J. Rebellion (including 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine)
Derek Valiant