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(Unknown Norwegian Publisher was deleted since it wasn't used by any series)
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** [ Unknown Danish publisher]
** [ Unknown Danish publisher]
** [ Unknown German publisher]
** [ Unknown German publisher]
** [ Unknown Norwegian publisher]
** [ Unknown publisher (Unknown Country)]
** [ Unknown publisher (Unknown Country)]

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Definition: The common house name of the publisher

Option: Required

Data Entry: Text field limited to a 255 characters


  • Indexers should NOT include specific corporate names such as those typically found in the indicia or title page. This information is stored as an Indicia/Colophon Publisher.
  • Co-published books should list both publishers separated by a semi-colon


* DC
* Marvel
* Marvel; Archie
  • A single publisher known by multiple names should have the names separated by a forward slash (policy vote)


* Temerson / Helnit / Continental
  • Some comics have absolutely nothing indicating a publisher name. In those cases our current best practice is to use the creator's name as the publisher's name, unless another name is known. If another name is known from some other source, the source should be given in the Notes field.

(end of definition)

Policy Votes Affecting This Topic - 2012-11-18 - 2010-08-14

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