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This page is intended to preserve information about publishing companies and their relationships and practices that either does not fit into the GCD proper or is not yet understood thoroughly enough to be entered. The data sections after the table should be organized alphabetically by the publishing "group" name (i.e. common names like DC and Marvel that include a number of historical corporations and imprints).

Wherever possible, information here should cite references, even if only to a thread on a mailing list on a particular day.

List of all publishers at Publisher Names

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Publisher Output

The number of comic book issues published each year by each publisher.

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Discussions About Publishers

General Relationships

The following list and table are for listing relationships among publishers, imprints, surrogates, distributors, groups etc. When the new schema is implemented, this will be used in addition to the information that currently fits in our database.

Publisher Groups

  • Centaur Group (Name used in ads for magazines from Centaur Publications, Inc. and Comic Corporation of America)
Publication Entity Relationships
Company One Relationship Company Two When Comments References
Centaur Publications, Inc. indicia name of Centaur Group 03/1938? - 12/1940? (cover dates) GCD currently lists The Arrow as using this name, but issue #3 (published well after 12/1940) lists Comic Corporation of America. Issues #1 and 2 are unconfirmed. We do not have a cover date for Uncle Joe's Funnies #1 other than the year 1938
Chesler Publications, Inc. no direct relation to Centaur Group N/A While often considered part of Centaur due to its Star Funnies and Star Ranger titles, these books were in fact sold to Ultem which then sold them to Centaur needs verification
Chesler Publications, Inc. sold titles to Ultem Publications, Inc. 09-10/1937? There is some confusion as to whether the indicia changes accurately reflect the sale date. needs verification
Chicago Mail Order Co. client of Comic Corporation of America (Centaur) 1942 C-M-O Comics #2's indicia states that it was published exclusively for the Chicago Mail Order Co. by the Comic Corporation of America. The exact nature of this relationship is unclear, as is how Liberty Guards Comics fits in.
Comic Corporation of America indicia name of Centaur Group 09/1939 - 01/1942 (cover dates)
Comics Magazine Co., Inc. no direct relation to Centaur Group N/A While often considered a Centaur imprint, Comics Magazine Co., Inc. in fact sold its titles to Ultem, which in turn sold them to Centaur Publications, Inc. needs verification
Comics Magazine Co., Inc. sold titles to Ultem Publications, Inc. 06-09/1937? There is some confusion as to whether the indicia changes accurately reflect the sale date. needs verification
Marvel Publishing, Inc. subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. ? - present See current indicia of Marvel comics
Pershing Square Publishing Co. surrogate for Dynamic 1945 Carnival Comics seems to be the only title Pershing did as a surrogate for any company is there evidence is other than the look and feel of the issue?
R. W. Voigt surrogate for Fox 1944
Ultem Publications, Inc. sold titles to Centaur Publications, Inc. 01-03/1938 Ultem is often incorrectly considered an imprint of the Centaur Group needs verification
Wm H. Wise & Co., Inc. surrogate for Fox 1944 - 1945
Wm H. Wise & Co., Inc. surrogate for Ned Pines (Better) 1944?

Ajax/Farrell, Four Star, America's Best, Steinway

  • This thread discusses the relationships (or lack thereof) among these publication names and how we should record them.

DC vs National Allied

  • DC does not (and never did) own the rights to material published prior to Nicholson's bankruptcy (National Allied Publications; National Allied Newspaper Syndicate; More Fun, Inc.; Nicholson Publishing), as discussed by Bob Hughes, Mike Feldman, Frank Motler and others starting at this point in a thread on Green Publishing.

Dynamic (Chesler)

  • This thread discusses the various one-shots published by Dynamic/Chesler in terms of which ones are part of the series spanning Scoop Comics #9 and Red Seal Comics #14.

Green Publishing

Bowles (Holyoke) and Temerson (Tem, Nita, Helnit, Et-Es-Go and Continental)

contains discussions about Holyoke Publishing Co., Inc. and related companies Et-Es-Go Magazines and Continental and the oddities around the series Sparkling Stars.

  • See also the following letter from Helnit and Holyoke staff artist Allen Ulmer explaining that Bowles, as Temerson/Helnit's printer, took over the company absorbing it into his Holyoke printing operation.


briefly mentions Kable and Morse near the beginning of a long discussion of Holyoke companies and titles.


Surrogate Publishers

  • This thread contains Frank Motler's list of known / suspected surrogate publishers from the 40's, and some further discussion of the topic.