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  • Optional
  • A short summary of the major points of each story can be included here. If the indexer is not writing the synopsis themselves, a note as to where it has come from should be included, like [from, used with permission].
  • Info that is under copyright, for instance descriptions from another website, should not be used without permission and, if permission is given, the source of the description must be noted.
  • Solicitation or promotional text MUST NOT be used, per GCD Board resolution
  • The synopsis need only be long enough to remind someone who has already read the story what it's about, and to distinguish it from other stories involving the same characters. It does NOT need to be detailed enough to replace the experience of reading the story. Ignore subplot developments when you're able to do so.
  • The synopsis must not exceed 600 characters. See tech bug #396.
  • The Synopsis field should be used ONLY for story or article sequences having a plot or storyline. This would typically not include promos, advertisements (other than comic-style advertisements), table of contents, statement of ownership, letters page, credits, blank pages, or activity page. This field should only be used for information that describes the plot or storyline. Any other information belongs in the Notes field.
  • An exception to the above usage is that a description of a cover image would go into the synopsis of the cover sequence.
  • See also the GCD Style Guide for general information on the style of Synopsis.
  • By long-standing convention, the preferred entry method for all text-based information is to use the language the comic was published in. English can always be used as an alternate.
  • The synopsis should be written as regular sentences using regular punctuation.
  • Example:
* An un-named man is visited by his alien child who left many years ago.
* blah blah blah [per, used with permission].

(end of defintion)

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