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Current Technical Coordinators

  • Head Technical Coordinator: Lionel English
  • Lead Programmer: Jochen Garcke
  • GCD Postmaster: Ralf Haring
  • Lead SysAdmin: Andrés Jiménez Gómez

Technical Coordinator Positions

Head Technical Coordinator

Established: October 18, 2008 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The Head Technical Coordinator is the technical lead for the GCD. Duties include:

  • Mediates between the technical team and the Board
  • Coordinates the efforts of the other Technical Coordinators

Lead Programmer

Established: October 18, 2008 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The Lead Programmer is responsible for the web site and application design and implementation.

GCD Postmaster

Established: September 10, 2009 by Board Motion Renamed: May 24, 2022 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The GCD Digital Assets Administrator is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and deletion of mail accounts, in accordance with standard mail administrator responsibilities and in accordance with policies created by the Board.

Lead SysAdmin

Established: December 28, 2011 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The Lead System Administrator (SysAdmin) is charged with maintaining and ensuring the availability and security of the GCD web site and database. The Lead SysAdmin is responsible for coordinating software updates and hardware upgrades to the operational GCD servers.

Former Technical Office Holders

The GCD would not be function without the dedicated support of the technical coordinators. This list reflects past technical office holders.

  • Jon Løvstad (GCD Webmaster, Programmer, etc., ??? - Oct. 2009)
  • L. Jámal Walton (Data Coordinator, ??? - Dec. 2009?)
  • Henry Andrews (Lead Programmer, late 2008 - May 2011)

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