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This page presents a step-by-step tutorial for adding Variant Issues. There are some helpful video tutorials on other methods of adding variant issues at the Video Tutorials page. Let's start with an easy example. Fury of Firestorm #18 currently has two covers loaded, one direct and one newstand cover.


You can hit the Add Variant Issue button on this screen but I have found that it's easier to go to the Edit Covers link, which takes you to this screen:


You can select either cover to make the variant by pressing the "Create Variant for Cover" button.  An arrow points to the one I will be chosing in this step.  If there is an "order" to the covers, like something that has a "Cover A", "Cover B" setup make sure you pick the correct cover to become the variant.  For Direct/Newsstand I make the Newsstand the variant though it really doesn't matter.

Pressing the above button will get you to the issue level information for your new variant.  That screen is almost identical to what you are used to with regular indexes.  There is an added field called "Variant Name" that is the second field.  Here you can name your variant.  While I don't think we've ever decided that each variant MUST have a name, I try to put a name on each one.  "Newsstand" will be the name of this variant.  Any information like Indicia/Colophon Publisher and brand and dates, etc will be copied automatically from the original issue information to your new issue.  If the original index didn't have this information the variant will not either. (See also Variant_Issues#Variant_Name for rules on naming Variants.)

Once you save the variant you will get to this screen:


Section 1 above is the button that will allow you to edit the issue information for your new variant record.  Underneath it is a button to allow you to add a cover record for your variant if one doesn't exist in section #4 already.  We will not be creating a cover record as the Newsstand and Direct versions are the same artwork.

Section 2 above is the button that will allow you to edit the issue information on the original or "base" record.  The Add Story button here adds sequences to the base issue in the manner in which you are already familiar.

Section 3 Here you can move the covers between the two issues.  Because we started with the edit covers page it has already assigned the newsstand version to our variant.  If we had not used that page and just did "Add Variant" from the original index we would have to specify the cover here.

Section 4 You can assign a cover record for the variant from this location if the original index had multiple cover records.  Because this is just a Direct vs. Newsstand example we won't create another cover record for the Newsstand variant.  The artwork is the same.  If the artwork is different then move the appropriate cover sequence to the variant.  If you need a cover sequence and there is not one to move, see #1.

In the Editing Queue


The new issue information for the variant will be displayed first.  After that will be the cover that is attached to this variant, if one was attached by the indexer.  Afterword will be the issue information for the base and then normal sequences for the base just like a normal index waiting for approval.

(end of instructions)

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