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This is a list of ballots taken by the GCD starting in 2010 when the process was formalized. The list included votes taken by members of Policy per the Policy Procedures as well as votes taken by the The Board.

List of Votes by Agenda

List of Votes

Ballot Number Title Page(s) referenced
1 Indicia publishers: Simple name vs "division of..." etc. Publisher Name
2 Features must be based on objectively observable things Feature
3 Story Arc Field- basic definition ﻩ None ﻩ not yet implemented
4 When a series is named X and X appears in an otherwise featureless story Feature
5 Things that appear in the framing sequence of a story ﻩ None ﻩ no vote
6 Framing sequences with hosts ﻩ None ﻩ failed
7 Invalid ﻩ None ﻩ
8 Full wraparound or gatefold covers MAY be submitted Adding Covers
9 The GCD will now support the concept of "Classification" of series ﻩ None ﻩ not yet implemented
10 Invalid ﻩ None ﻩ
11 Invalid ﻩ None ﻩ
12 Full wraparound or gatefold covers MUST be submitted Adding Covers
13 Use of the "display volume with issue number" field Display Volume with Issue Number
14 Amend "display volume with issue" rule for consistency within certain publishers Display Volume with Issue Number
15 Identically named series and the ""display volume with issue"" field
16 Brand field definition, expansion to include graphical changes
19 Using Recurring Name of Letters/Hype/Etc. Pages as Feature
20 Invalid ﻩ None ﻩ
21 Reader Contributions Addendum
30 On Sale Dates: Yes or No
32 Add ""is_singleton""
33 Add ""is_comics_publication""
34 On Sale Dates -- One or Many per Region
35 On Sale Dates -- One or Many per Variant
36 Is a Series: Giant Comic Album
37 Revising Types--one field or more?
38 Mixed case usage in indicia title
39 Brand vs. Publisher's Brand
40 One vs two sets of publisher dates
41 If two sets of publisher dates are recorded, which are to be required?
42 If one date field, which field?
46 Leading articles in foreign languages
47 On Sale Date Usage
48 New Type: Blank Page
49 New Type: Table of Contents
50 Immediately display missing data as ""?"" when new fields are added
51 Hide fields with missing data for 3 to 6 months after they are added
53 New Field: Issue Title
54 Issue Title Corollary
55 Series level ""has fields"" for issue level ""field / no field"" pairs
56 Quotation Marks in Sequence Titles: Vote #1
57 Quotation Marks in Sequence Titles: Vote #2
58 Deprecate Type ""Biography""
59 The meaning of ""no field""
65 is_comics
67 Type: Story
68 Type: Cover
69 Invalid ﻩ None ﻩ
70 Capitalization of titles
72 Type: Photo Story
73 Type: Preview
74 Clarifying On Sale Dates
78 Vote #1 on Indexing Order for Dust Jackets and Slipcases
80 hardcovers and softcovers as variants
81 hardcovers and softcovers as separate series
82 Hard and Soft covers in the same series
83 Content Keywords
84 Issue Keywords
85 Series Keywords
86 Publisher Keywords
89 Keywords and repeated data
90 Keywords and prohibited characters
91 Keywords and spam/trolling
104 Create the ability to track issue relationships
107 Photograph subject information in the Character field
109 Formatting Photograph Subject Name in Character Field
111 Roman Numeral Issue Numbers Issue Numbers
115 Entering Studio Names in Credits
117 Script Field for Covers Script
118 List Creators & Studios Individually
119 Formatting Photographed Subject #2
120 Formatting Photographed Subject #3
121 Formatting Photographed Subject #4
122 Formatting Photographed Subject #5
128 Dustjacket Sequence Number
131 Add genre 'Historical'
133 Promo reprint links
134 Publisher Grouping: Default
135 Adding genre 'Advocacy'
136 Ages Only or Any Rating
138 Allow self-issued approval seals
145 Exception to issue title rules for Classics Illustrated
146 Default Publisher Grouping rule
147 Cover reprint links
156 Multiply-named publishers
162 Format field splitting
163 dimensions
164 paper stock field
165 mass market paperback catalog numbers Issue Numbers
168 Publisher Grouping corollary
169 How we will designate the publisher of the early Image comics
170 Issue level dimensions field
171 two-layer brand system
173 Crediting Series logos
174 NEW VOTE: Creating a cover materials field
176 Assignment of multiple brand elements to brand groups
177 Codify our current practices regarding the use of the brand field
178 When does re-numbering start a new series?
179 Also Known As or Dual Series Membership
180 Publication gaps and new series
181 Add Publication Type
182 Marvel Premiere Classics
183 Add Publication Types Book & Magazine
184 Add Publication Type Album
185 Numbering jumps
187 Fantasy-Supernatural genre
188 alternate title
191 Heavy Metal Special Editions
192 Panels or panel details re-used as illustrations
206 Cover Reprint Collections
207 Confirming our definition of comics story
208 Elimination of the type ""filler""
210 ""also known as"" variants
216 Vote 1: Letter Column Rules in General
217 Vote 2: Letter Column Creator/Editorial Script Field Credits
218 Vote 3: Letter Column Photograph Credits
219 Vote 4: Letter Column Letters Field Credits
220 Vote 5: Letter Column Logo Art Credits
221 Vote 6: Letter Column Letter Writer Credits
222 Vote 7: Letter Column Fan Art Credits
223 Vote 8: Use of Commas or Semi-Colons in Separating Names of Letter Writers

and Fan Art in the Notes Field.

224 Variant Title Field Rules
225 How Will the GCD Handle the Series Known as [Holyoke One-Shot]
229 Format for the Variant Name Field
231 definition of keydate
238 Recording the Reason for Series Tracking Links
239 Feature Definition Update Proposal
242 Definitions of Comic Variants
243 Items Released in Different Formats
245 Series Bonds for Merged Series
248 Creation of a Story Sequence Feature Logo Field
249 Letter Page Feature and Title Fields
250 Title Usages
251 Rules for Titles for Story-Type Sequences
253 Adding ""Not Printed"" check box attached to the Volume field.
276 Steps to Determining Which Side of a Flip-book Comic is the Primary and

Secondary Sides for Determining that Comic's Series Name

281 ""various"" in credits.
282 ""various"" in credits.
285 Job titles in credits
291 Tracking subnumbering
292 Type ""Title Page""
293 Exception to Issue Title Field for Four Color (Dell, 1939 series)
294 Exception to Issue Title Field for Four Color (Dell, 1942 series)
295 Exception to Issue Title Field for DC Special Series (DC, 1977 series)
300 Exception to Issue Title Field for Dell Giant (Dell, 1959 series)
303 Additional Links Between Stories
305 Alternate Series Titles
307 Update to Publication Dates Formatting Rule
308 Exception to Issue Title Field for Dennis the Menace Giant

(Hallden/Fawcett, 1958 series)

311 Naming of Distribution and Printings Variants
314 Publisher given variant names
315 Price variants naming
319 Allowing Comic Illustration Books
320 Allowing Comic Source Books
321 Using 'Price' in Variant Name
328 Degree Field Clarification
330 Adding Awards to Items Other Than Creators
333 naming of international variants
336 Add fields to Comics Bibliography
347 Alternate format of character field
349 Additional Advertising variants
351 Creation of Feature Table
357 Indexes of covers and cover reprints on About Comics publications
360 Creator Credits Tiered Structure
361 Recording studio credits
363 Changes to Name Types
366 Adoption of amended Style Guide Style Guide
370 Storing Signatures
371 Invalid ﻩ None ﻩ
372 Comics-Form Advertising
375 Credit Tiers: Letters and Writing
378 Credit Tiers: Art
380 Creator Disambiguation
382 Credit Tiers: Editing, Publication, and Business
383 Issue Title Field Exception for Cheerios Giveaways
386 Comic-Related Handbooks
388 Creator Name Type: Required?
399 Vote for in-house column/promotion text feature
401 Cover (art) variants
402 Cover variants - Multiple artists
403 Cover (art) variants - The word cover
405 Record printer per issue
406 Issue titles for Alazar's Bondage Series
407 Sequence types: genre
408 Sequence types: feature
409 Indicia printer: Simple name vs ""division of..."" etc.
410 indicia Printer Field Location
411 Printer for a Country
413 Feature - Credits, Title Page / Table of Contents
414 Vote for create a sequence type to in-house columns/promotional texts
415 Genre - Credits, Title Page, Table of Contents
416 Genre - Blank, Statement of Ownership
417 Award Nominations
419 Signature Name Recording
420 Given and Family Name Fields
421 One time features
423 Editor in Credit Description
424 Source
428 Adding series bond
432 Editor Vote 1 Editing
433 Editor Vote 2 Editing
434 Feature - Text Articles Feature
435 Genre - Text Articles Genre
436 Indicia Printer for countries Indicia Printer
438 Publisher Code Numbers Publisher Code Numbers
439 Character Hierarchy
440 Creator Name Accents Creator Names
443 Creator Name Records Credits
444 Numbers associated with mass market comics paperbacks Issue Numbers
446 Ghosts & house names Issue Numbers
447 Indicia Printer Addresses Indicia Printer
448 Character Appearances: ""code"" names and ""real"" names Character Appearances
449 Character Appearances: ""real"" names and ""code"" names Character Appearances
450 Character Models Character Table
452 Indexing of Box Sets in a structured form
453 Major Name Differences Character Appearances
456 House Names Credits
457 ""Official"" names of characters Character Appearances
458 Characters with more than one name in their character record Character Appearances
461 Character Groups Character Appearances
462 Composite Names Character Table
464 Prices Cover Price
465 Wolverine Official Name Character Appearances
467 Character Top Level Hierarchy Name - Preliminary Vote Character Appearances
469 Character Top Level Hierarchy Name - Second Vote Character Appearances
471 Universes Universes
472 Villain Character Appearances
476 Character Role Field Character Appearances
477 Universes Part 2 Universes
480 Only publisher designated universes Universes
484 Joint Name Credits
487 Creator Names Involving a Jr. or Sr. Creator Names
488 Mainstream Universe Universes
489 Creator Preference and Official Name GCD Official Name
494 Two Archie series Issue Title
495 ""And"" Features Feature
496 Copyright Date Field ﻩ Not yet implemented ﻩ
498 Non-comics publications - comics-form advertisement Qualifying and Non Qualifying Publications
499 Non-comics publications - cover reprint on interior page Qualifying and Non Qualifying Publications
502 Cover Script Script
504 Indicia Publisher Name Variations Indicia/Colophon Publisher
506 Creator Site Drop-Down Box - Lambiek External Sites
507 Creator Site Drop-Down Box - Internet Movie Database (IMDB) External Sites
508 Creator Site Drop-Down Box - The Internet Speculative Fiction Database External Sites
509 Creator Site Drop-Down Box - Additional Who's Who External Sites
510 Storing Variant Cover Status Variant Cover Status

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