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You may enter a short text biography of the named person in the Bio field. There is currently no limit on the length of this biography, however, our Synopsis field has been limited to 600 characters. This Bio field may someday be subject to similar limitations, so it is a good idea to write to that limit now.

Who's Who

You may enter a link to Jerry Bails' Who's Who in the Who's Who field. To do so, go to the Who's Who website, and search for the name you are working with. When you have located the name, copy the URL for the results page and paste it into the box. For example, a search for Otto Feuer will bring up the page of information of all information relating to him, which may include information on other people. On that page, click his name that is highlighted in blue "Feuer, Otto". That will bring a full list of credits for him. You will need to copy the URL link (see sample) to paste in the box.

These fields are all optional to fill in.

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