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In addition to the general credit formatting rules, the following apply specifically to the colors field.

  • Required for Comic Story or Cover sequences, Optional on all other types of sequences
  • In addition to standard coloring, this field can also be used, with appropriate notes, to indicate artists who add 3-D effects or graytones to the artwork. If the artwork is in black and white, the "no colors" checkbox should be ticked.
  • Painted artwork is noted in the Pencils, Inks and Colorist fields as "Artist (painting)" in each field.
  • NOTE: At this time "painted", "painting", "paints", and "painter" all exist in the database. Because "paint" is a part of all four forms, this can be standardized at a future date and there is no need to change one form to another at this time.
  • Examples:
* Tatjana Wood (credited) 
* George Freeman; Digital Chameleon (separations) 
* Ray Fehrenbach (tones) 
* Ray Zone (3-D effects) 

need to define how coloring companies are credited

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