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Current Coordinators

The following table reflects the current coordinator positions. A coordinator serves until he either resigns or is removed from office by the Board.

Documentation Coordinators Donald Dale Milne Miki Annamanthadoo Hunter Johnson
List Administrators Ralf Haring Lionel English Donald Dale Milne
PR Coordinators (vacant) (vacant) (vacant)
Reservation Coordinators Ramon Schenk Lou Mazzella John Monagle
Rules/Policy Juan Gonzalez Katie Delia Antonio Pontes Jr
Ad Revenue Ron Sadowski Bob Bailey (vacant)

See also Technical Coordinators

General Coordinator Framework

Adopted in May 2007, and modified in 2014, the General Coordinator Framework establishes guidelines for the "Coordinator" positions. The following applies to all Coordinator positions unless otherwise specified in the motions establishing each individual position.

  • Each position shall be held by three individuals.
  • The Board will appoint coordinators, giving preference to volunteers when possible. When there are vacant coordinator positions, the chair will issue a call for volunteers on the main mailing list. For long-standing vacancies, the chair will, at his discretion, periodically call for volunteers.
  • Each coordinator will serve at the Board's pleasure. Appointment and/or removal of a coordinator will be by a simple majority vote of the Board; the Board will be required to state a reason for removal. The membership may call for the removal of a coordinator using the board petitioning procedure described elsewhere; the petition shall state a reason for removal.
  • Each Coordinator position is associated with a corresponding email address that will reach all current holders of the position.
  • Public-facing coordinator positions shall have one coordinator designated as the lead.
  • A public-facing coordinator is one that exists to handle requests from outside of the GCD mailing lists, either through the web site or through public email.
  • While all three coordinators are equally empowered to respond to requests from the public, the lead coordinator is responsible for ensuring that someone sends a suitable response in a timely manner. They may do so themselves, or they may request that one of the other coordinators respond.
  • The lead shall be chosen by the coordinators, and the position may be reassigned among them as often as they deem necessary.
  • If the coordinators cannot agree on the lead, one shall be appointed by the Board.
  • Coordinator groups responsible for issuing decisions may in general produce a decision whenever two of the three Coordinators agree.
  • In groups that include a lead coordinator, the lead's vote carries no more weight than that of either of the other two coordinators.
  • The Board may overturn decisions issued by coordinators.
  • As such decisions are generally intended to facilitate normal operation rather than determine binding policy, no process to force a Board vote shall exist. As only two Board members are needed to bring up a motion for voting, the bar for getting a vote is not overly high.
  • The existing position of Technical Coordinator is exempted from these rules on the grounds that it is primarily an internal liaison and arbitration position. Other existing positions are slated for review by the Board, which will determine the applicability of this framework in their individual motions.

Coordinator Positions

Documentation Coordinators

Established: June 29, 2011 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The Documentation Coordinators are charged with maintaining the GCD Documentation. These duties include:

  • maintaining the fields and formatting documentation keeping it updated with revisions, additions, and deletions from the board and/or policy list
  • making revisions for clarity and submitting those revisions to the policy list for an up or down vote
  • provide a report to the Board every six months sections of the documentation considered for revision but ultimately not re-written
  • maintaining the documentation in a manner that makes it readily accessible to indexers and approvers and in such a manner that makes use of the documentation as simple as possible

List Administrators

Established: Prior the creation of the current GCD Board of Director

Responsibilities: The list admins are responsible for the list infrastructure reporting to the Board as appropriate. These duties include:

  • approving requests to join the GCD Lists
  • monitoring the GCD lists resolving conflicts, "flame wars" and disruptive behavior
  • moderating accounts when necessary
  • removing spammers
  • creating new lists as determined by the board

PR Coordinators

Established: August 1, 2010 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The PR Coordinators are responsible for the public relations of the GCD. These duties include:

  • monitoring the contact list
  • maintaining the front page(s)
  • maintaining a presence on social networking sites (Facebook, etc)
  • maintaining and updating dog & pony shows that could be used by members at cons (e.g. PowerPoint demos or the like, of varying focuses and lengths)
  • maintaining a selection of print adverts of various sizes to be used where opportunity presents.
  • acting as press agents as needed (e.g. notifying comics news sites and/or bloggers when there's noteworthy GCD news)
  • solicit help from other members as needed in order to accomplish these responsibilities.

One of their current projects is to maintain a calendar of important dates in comics' and comic creators' lives. You can contribute ideas for the calendar to GCD Calendar.

Reservations Coordinators

Established: June 29, 2011 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The Reservation Coordinators are charged with overseeing the reservation procedures. These duties include:

  • carrying out reservation expirations in keeping with established policy
  • migrating on-going reservations to re-started or re-numbered series
  • adding new issues to those series with on-going reservations
  • facilitating contact between reservation holders and those other indexers with questions regarding those reservations.

Notes: Reservation limits are currently set automatically by the software. These can be individually adjusted by the Reservations Coordinators upon request by individual indexers. You can send requests to [email protected].

  • Current limits for the number of reservations are:
  • for newly registered indexers who have not yet submitted a change: 1 issue can be reserved
  • for indexers still being mentored by an Editor: 6 changes can be reserved
  • for indexers released from mentoring: 12 issues can be reserved
  • Current limits for the length of reservations are:
  • for an issue is 3 weeks which can be extended by 1 week if the indexer makes a change and saves it. The maximum time that an indexer can extend a reservation in this way is 3 weeks, giving a total of 6 weeks.
  • for an ongoing reservation is 6 weeks which can be extended by 1 week if the indexer makes a change and saves it. The maximum time that an indexer can extend a reservation in this way is 3 weeks, giving a total of 9 weeks.

Rules/Policy Coordinators

Established: May 31, 2010 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The Rules/Policy Coordinators manage the discussions on the gcd-policy mailing List following the Policy Procedures defined by the Board. The gcd-policy group is empowered to make decisions on topics including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Rules about field formats
  • Adding, removing, combining, splitting or otherwise restructuring fields within the GCD's existing charter
  • Case-by-case clarification of how to apply existing rules

The following areas are explicitly placed outside of the scope of the gcd-policygroup and are reserved to the Board, Membership, or other Board-designated group under the guidance of the Charter:

  • Interpreting the charter
  • Setting the rules through which gcd-policy produces rules
  • Personnel decisions (coordinators, editors/approvers, etc.)
  • Technical decisions (how something will be implemented, as opposed to what will be implemented)
  • In general, any decision that impacts the project more broadly than the areas of responsibility outlined in the previous list

When there is a dispute or uncertainty over a particular topic's suitability for a gcd-policy decision, the Board shall resolve the dispute or uncertainty through it's usual voting process.

Guide to Vote Types for decisions among multiple options:

  • If there are multiple options that group together into a clear faction, first vote among the factions (using whichever voting method is most appropriate). Otherwise the the most unified faction is likely to win over the faction with many options within it, even if that faction has the more total supporters.
  • If the various options are more or less independent of each other, use a single ranked choice vote.

Note that the strength of support of a given faction or option does not determine the vote type, just whether there are multiple options that are similar enough to clump together, and therefore split the vote of those who support that general type of answer.

Rules for Voting and Debate on gcd-Policy

  • For the Rules governing voting and debate, see the Board vote of [2010-05-31].

Previous Coordinators: Henry Andrews (2010-2011), Brian Saner Lamken (2010-2011), Ray Bottorff (????-2019).

Votes affecting Policy Coordinators: - 2019-04-14

Ad Revenue Coordinators

Established: October 27, 2015 by Board Motion

Responsibilities: The Ad Revenue Coordinators are charged with monitoring the performance of our ad providers, investigating potential other networks, making the decision of which ad providers to use and other aspects related to the ads shown on our website.

  • As with other coordinators, the Ad Revenue Coordinators should provide a report of their activities to the Board every six months.

Past Coordinator Positions

Membership Coordinator

Established: (unknown) to January 4, 2012

Responsibilities: The Membership Coordinator was responsible for answering general questions and assisting new indexers in getting started.

Previous Coordinators: Ken Lemons

Policy Votes Affecting This Topic