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  • Required
  • This is the price printed plus the currency code for the currency of the country of publication. Common currency symbols (such as $) and abbreviations are not to be used. Additonal prices for other countries may be listed separated by a semi-colon. For all books the price is given in the major currency, not divisions of it (for example dollars, not cents).
  • For issues with no cover price, which were given away free, "0.00 FREE" is used. For issues with no cover price where the original price is not known, [none] is used. For issues with no cover price where the original price is known (from promotional material, for instance), the price in square braces is used, with a note in the notes field for the issue as to how the price was determined.
  • For issues where the the price listed in the indicia is different than the cover price, the cover price is used and the indicia price is included in the Notes field.
  • Comics with non-decimal cover prices should be shown in this hyphenated format: "price as it appears on the cover [Pounds-Shillings-Pence GBP]" (or AUP for Australian pounds)
    Note: There is no official code for Australian pounds; "AUP" is non-standard but used by the GCD and other sources. Several countries changed from non-decimal currency to decimal currency. Dates are listed below: no comic book created after these dates should have the [0-0-6] designation in the price field, except for transition periods of a few months where BOTH non-decimal and decimal prices may have been present.
    • 15 February 1971 in the UK (Great Britain)
    • 15 February 1971 in Ireland
    • 14 February 1966 in Australia
    • 10 July 1967 in New Zealand
    • 14 February 1961 in South Africa
    • 1 April 1957 in India
  • For issues with different prices using the same currency, list the country code after the currency code.
  • For older currencies for which no ISO standard code exists we still use ISO-style codes. These are based on the codes used by Global Financial Data (full list in [1]) and Wikipedia - Historical currency codes.
  • Examples:
* 0.10 USD
* 1.50 USD; 1.95 CAD
* 0.00 FREE
* 2/6 [0-2-6 GBP]
* [2.50 CAD] (see notes)
* 3.99 EUR DE; 3.50 EUR AT; 1.50 EUR FR

(end of definition)

The following table includes some of the most common codes. The full list is linked above.

USD United States of America Dollars CAD Canadian Dollars AUD Australian Dollars
EUR Euro Member Countries, Euro GBP Great Britain (United Kingdom) Pounds AUP Australian Pounds
DKK Danish Kroner NOK Norwegian Kroner SEK Swedish Kronor
NLG Dutch (Netherlands) Guldens DEM German Marks FIM Finnish Markka
ITL Italian Lira FRF French Francs CHF Swiss Francs
ESP Spanish Pesetas MXP Mexican Pesos (pre 1993) MXN Mexican Pesos (post 1993)

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