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We can record several types of images in the Creator Record.

Uploading the image works the same as adding covers or indicia images. See the Covers_FAQ and Adding_Covers.

  • Portrait Image: We can record one portrait image per creator. Select the Add Portrait Image from the Creator Record page. Please upload a self-portrait if available; if not, a photo; if not, a portrait by another artist.
  • Sample Scan Image: We can record one sample of the creator's work. Select the Add Sample Scan Image from the Creator Record page.
  • Creator Signature: Images of creators signatures can be stored on creator records with a text name of the signature. This name should be the text of the signature to visually match the way it was used in the signature, including capitalization, with an optional description of the visual of the associated scan. Select the Add Signature from the Creator Record page.
    • Note that in the display of the Creator Record, there are generic signatures as well as signatures with scans. These generic signatures are descriptive signatures no scans and can be created during the process of adding Credits to a sequence when there was no appropriate signature scan for a signed name. A generic signature also can be added from the creators page in the same process a signature scan is added. Once an appropriate scan is available a generic signature credit can be converted to signatures with scans.

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