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Entering information about degrees in this database field will be limited to schools where a creator received some training in their artistic profession, and would not include unrelated schools. Note that unrelated degrees can be entered in the creator notes or bio.

Pressing this button will open several additional fields. You can fill these in as follows:

  • Degree - choose a degree type from the drop-down
  • School - choose a school name from the drop-down, to represent the school where the degree was awarded.
  • Degree Year - you may enter the year that the named person received the degree.
  • Degree Year Uncertain - if you are uncertain of the year, check the "Uncertain" box.
  • Sources - You can also enter the source of your data; see instructions on the Sources Fields page.

These fields are all optional to fill in. All earned degrees in any field of study are eligible to be included, and may be from any school.

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