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Deutscher Comic Guide (German Comic Guide, in short CG) is a bibliographic database of Comics in German with allmost 100.000 entries. In contrast to GCD, the Comic Guide is not free and user cannot contribute. This page lists some information on possible links between the two projects.


A list of publishers in CG can be browsed at Each entry is a search-link like

The corresponding publisher entry in GCD is

Note that CG does not have the concepts of brands and indica publishers. Some CG publishers may better link a brand or an indica publisher. Each link should be checked manually. A publisher-mapping table from GCD to CG would have entries like

2557|Carlsen Verlag
5011|Cross Cult

Series and Issues

The following examples shows a mapping between GCD and GC for the series Vampire Boy (3 issues).


issue 1

issue 2

issue 3

Both series and issues have a fixed URL pattern. The mapping tables from GCD to CG would be just





General Mapping

For each link target, such as GC, there is a record with general information about the target

  1. target (CG, Wikipedia, VIAF, ...)
  2. Name
  3. Homepage
  4. ...


1|Deutscher Comic Guide|

For each entity-type and each target, there is a record

  1. target
  2. entity (publisher, series, ...)
  3. URL pattern



For each mapping link, there is a record with fields:

  1. target
  2. entity
  3. gcd-id (e.g. "2557" in the first example)
  4. target-id (e.g. "Carlsen Verlag" in the first example)


1|publisher|2557|Carlsen Verlag

For testing, we need more complex example that may not have simple one-to-one mappings.

More Information

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