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January 2008

(No votes or motions in January 2008)

February 2008

Donation Address Change

Motion: That Jon directed to change donation address

I move that Jon be directed to change the Paypal donation link on the website from its current address to "grandcomicbookdatabase@comcast.net".

Mention of "The Last uploaded cover / Cover from X years ago this month were all approved to be placed on the main page provided there is a system for the user to opt out of having them display automatically. Probably using cookies but if Jon has a better method then that's fine also." (probably happened in late 2007... remove this once we find the actual motion/vote.

Mention of "We had passed a motion directing Jamal to make some suggestions for hosting solutions. He has a group together and they are beginning the discussions on that topic. I know some here would like to see an academic hosting solution. Anybody know of anybody that would be willing to host us?" (probably happened in late 2007... remove this once we find the actual motion/vote.

Mission Fish

Motion: Treasurer be directed to sign up the GCD with Mission Fish

I move that the treasurer be directed to sign the GCD up as a benefiting non-profit with MissionFish (www.missionfish.org).

The motion passed with all members voting in favor.

March 2008

(No votes or motions in March 2008)

April 2008

Bugzilla for Error Reports

Motion: Move to Bugzilla

That we officially recognize the senior editors' decision to change the error reporting link on the live website from the errors address (gcd-errors@lists.comics.org) to the bugzilla web page (currently http://maelstrom.walton.uark.edu/bugzilla/enter_bug.cgi but soon to have a comics.org address), implementing the bugzilla system that Henry Andrews has programmed for our use.

The motion passed with all members voting in favor.

May 2008

There is only one email in the archives for May.

June 2008

There are no emails in the archives for June.

July 2008

There are no emails in the archives for July until some test ones on Google Groups on July 25th.

August 2008

Donation for Mark

MOTION: Donation in remembrance of Mark Rudnitski We have been asked by the Chairman to immediately vote on the following motion: That we ask the membership for donations to be given to Mark Rudnitski's girlfriend Jean in remembrance of Mark. Donations would be sent to the Treasurer who would issue a check to Jean from the GCD.

Put forward by Lou, seconded by Jim Ludwig.

The motion passed with all members in favor.

September 2008

Single Panel Cartoons

I make a motion that the GCD recognize that "for the purpose of indexing" collections of single panel cartoons/comics be acceptable to index.

Put forward by Jim Ludwig, seconded by Ray

In October, there was a motion put forward to table this motion: Motion: To table the previous motion of considering the eligibility of collections of single panel comic strips for inclusion in the database, so that the discussion may be sent to the senior editors for a decision.

Votes were to be cast no later than October 13, 2008.

The motion passed with 8 members voting in favor and 1 member abstaining.

The Senior Editors voted yes, here.

October 2008

Not a motion, but a reminder from Lou about the rules for the election: "As a reminder, we voted before the last election to establish these rules: a) That we officially adopt the last 14 days of the month of October (12:00:00am GMT, October 18th to 11:59:59pm GMT October 31st) as the official period that people may announce their candidacy for the Board. b) For 14 days from 12:00:00am GMT, November 1 to 11:59:59pm GMT, November 14 candidates will be able to campaign if they choose to. c) Voting for Board positions will be held over 7 days from 12:00:00am GMT, November 15 to 11:59:59pm GMT, November 21.

Also as a reminder eligibility to vote is determined by either 1) having contributed 25 or more indexes to the GCD, 2) having contributed 75 cover scans or more to the GCD, 3) having contributed 75 or more error corrections, 4) having held a position within the GCD or 5) having contributed to the benefit of the GCD in some way. (The quantities for the first 3 taken from info in the FAQ on the website)"

Technical Positions (Head Technical Coordinator and Head Programmer)

Motion: That the Board create two positions: Head Technical Coordinator and Head Programmer. These positions, in conjunction with the existing Data Coordinator position, would be responsible for technical aspects of the GCD. The Head Technical Coordinator position would be the technical lead for the GCD with two equal subsidiary positions: Data Coordinator and Head Programmer. The Head Programmer would be responsible for all application development for the GCD.

Motion put forward by Will Allred and seconded by Jim Ludwig.

Votes were due to be cast by October 13, 2008.

The motion passed with all members voting in favor.

Additional Funding

Motion: I move that the Board investigate additional income streams to allow for the employment of a dedicated application developer to assist the Technical Team. This would decrease development time of the next generation of the GCD web site and allow for a faster migration to a commercial hosting entity.

Moved by Will Allred, seconded by Matthew Gore.

Discussion turned into how to get additional funding but not specifically to hire a programmer.

November 2008

Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer election

Lionel nominated "Mike for chairman, Lou for secretary, and Tony for treasurer" and it was seconded by Ray.

We've been instructed on the chairman to vote for the officers for the Board. The positions of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are to be voted upon.

Please cast your vote for one of the following candidates in each category by placing an x next to one of the following in each category.

Category 1 - Chairman ( ) Mike Nielsen ( ) none ( ) abstain

Category 2 - Secretary ( ) Lou Mazzella ( ) none ( ) abstain

Category 3 - Treasurer ( ) Tony Rose ( ) none ( ) abstain

Votes were due no later than December 8, 2008.

The positions of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer have been voted upon with the following results. Chairman: Mike Nielsen - 8 members voting in favor, 1 abstaining

Secretary: Lou Mazzella - all members voting in favor

Treasurer Tony Rose - 8 members voting in favor, 1 abstaining

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