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The immediate name of the corporation or other entity as printed in the issue.

  • The Indicia printer flag is set at the series level.
  • The Indicia printer is recorded at the issue level.
  • No indicia printer is checked if there is no Indicia printer printed in the issue.
  • The Indicia printer is entered by a selection from a drop down list of Indicia printers.
  • The Printer location is included in the Indicia printer name if it is printed in the issue.
  • In case the information about the printer given for an issue only consists of the country, for example 'Printed in Canada', or country-like information, for example 'Printed in the EU', we record this information by a printer record per country or country-like designation.
    • Indicia printers for countries are recorded as printed in the issue. These are added from the Printer page
  • Printers are added using the 'add new' button from your editing page.
    • Select the 'Add Printer' button.
    • Enter Printer name and years of operation if known.
    • Enter Printer country of operation from drop down list. Select (unknown) if not known.

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