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In addition to the general credit formatting rules, the following apply specifically to the letters field.

  • Required for Comic Story or Cover sequences, Optional on all other types of sequences
  • The standard phrase used for any machine lettering is "typeset", unless credited differently (i.e. Charlton's "A. Machine"). Lettering studios may also be noted. Use of a Leroy lettering guide, a type of machine lettering, is sometimes entered as "typeset (Leroy lettering)".
  • Creators and studios will be listed individually.
  • The creators of a series logo should be noted in the letters field of the cover sequence of the first issue featuring this logo, as "creator name (series logo)".

The following are guidelines for indexing letters credits for covers, as covers often contain different types of lettering:

  • If there is only the series logo and usual publication information, mark as "No Letters".
  • If there is only information other than dialogues or blurbs (like Hulk on War!), index as "typeset".
  • If there are blurbs and dialogues, index with letterer's name or use "?" if unknown.
  • Examples:
* John Workman (credited) 
* typeset
* Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Dave Lanphear would be listed as "Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Dave Lanphear" and NOT as
"Richard Starkings; ? [as Comicraft]; Dave Lanphear". 

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Policy Votes Affecting This Topic

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