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Superman Scrap Book

This was actually in GCD at one point as "Superman Scrapbook" ( was the link) as a 1940 series published by DC.

Web research reveals this: It seems to be published by Saafield, and named "Superman Scrap Book" on the cover, and seems to be literally a scrapbook (a cover with blank pages that one clips and pastes magazine/newspaper articles or other remembrances into).

There appear to be at least two versions, one spiral bound, and one not. I'm also seeing two dates: 1940 and 1945.

Below are images of the spiral version, and then the saddle-stitched version with front and back covers. SupermanScrapBookSpiral.jpg SupermanScrapBookFront.JPG SupermanScrapBookBack.JPG

The cover is from Superman (DC, 1939 series) #2 (Fall 1939), but with a bigger background with more mountains and radio text.

Frank Motler confirms from scans that the spiral bound version is #1503, copyright MCMXL, and that the back cover of the 1940 version is a copy of the front (with some repositioning of indicative text).

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