Proposal Structure

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Basic proposal structure

  • An item may be proposed for "formal" consideration by the gcd-policy list by sending an email prefixed with PROPOSAL: to the list
    • "formal" consideration means that the wording is intended for consideration as the exact wording of a rule/policy/etc.
    • Proposals should generally arise from discussions in some way, although this is not required.
  • A proposal may be withdrawn by its originator by replying to the thread and prefixing the subject line with WITHDRAWN:
    • For example: "WITHDRAWN: PROPOSAL: Basic proposal structure"
  • A proposal may be amended by its originator by replying to the thread and prefixing the subject line with AMENDED:
    • This has exactly the same effect as withdrawing a proposal and resubmitting a new proposal.
  • A proposal should focus on one topic. Multiple proposals should be made if it is reasonable for the two proposals to pass or fail independently.

Passing unopposed proposals

A proposal made in accordance with the then-current rules governing proposal structure shall automatically take effect if and only if:

  • No list member continues to object to the proposal after two weeks time.
  • The proposal was sent prefixed with REMINDER: after the 8th day, specifying the final day for objections.
  • At least two weeks have passed (15 days if the day on which the proposal was introduced is counted as the 1st)
  • At least 72 hours have passed after the REMINDER.

For the purposes of this proposal someone is considered to be continuing to object simply by saying so. Absence from the lists during the consideration period does not confer any special privileges with regards to objections made after the proposal takes effect. Amended proposals (as explained in the proposal on the basic structure of proposals) work the same way as original proposals- the clock restarts from the day of the amendment is made.

A proposal with no objections, but no reminder email is closed four weeks after the start of the proposal. It can be restarted with a clean state (it did not fail, there were no objections).