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This is an alphabetical list of Comic Book Publisher Names. The links provide more detailed information on each publisher.

There are notes on past discussions about publishers at Publishers.

There is a template for adding new names.

Publisher Name Links

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Publishers Begining With Numbers

  • 12 Angry Monkeys (1996) - University2 TP.
  • 20th Century Comics Corp. (1956) - Gold & Silver Age Marvel Comics imprint.
  • 21st Century Sandshark Studios (2003) - Reptile and Mister Amazing, The: Origins.
  • 3D Cosmic Publications (1978-1982) - Division of a video company.
  • The 3-D Zone (1987-1993) - Publisher of 3-D comic books in the late 1980's and early 90's.
  • 3 Finger Prints (1997-2000) - Small press publisher in the late 1990's.
  • 360 ep (2005) - Advent Rising: Rock The Planet.
  • 4-H Television (late 1970s) - promo comic publisher.
  • 4 Winds Publishing Group (1988-1990) - Publisher of graphic novels.
  • 5th Panel Comics (1994-2000) - Small independent publisher.
  • 666 Comics/ SQP (1997-1998) - Demon Baby.
  • 88 MPH Studios (2004) - Ghostbusters: Legion.
  • 9th Circle Studios (1996-1998) - Independent self-publisher of black & white comics.