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GCD Web Site Release: The Dandy

This page documents The Dandy release of the GCD Web Site. This release will implement the first significant steps towards the new schema, focusing on changes that can either be supported by existing data or will enable tools that will help the community migrate the data while further technical work is done. It will not attempt to move all of the way, or even most of the way, to the new schema all at once.

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Release Goals

The following list is very tentative and mostly intended to serve as an example of the possibilities. It should *not* be viewed as a definitive prioritization of the new schema, or even a correct interpretation of it's functions.

  • Reprint links in the database.
  • Series tracking links in the database.
  • Add creator and character tables and tools to assist in migration.
    • Existing fields will still be supported until migration is complete.
  • 3-tier publisher system.

Tentative Ideas

For now this is just space to record notes and ideas that come up while discussing the New Fun and More Fun releases so we don't forget about them.

  • Email inbox feature, duplicating email sent to users through the UI in case there are problems receiving mail.
  • Voting eligibility and vote management.