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A step by step guide to using the Advanced Query page at to find comics in your collection that have a specific artist on the cover.

  1. Log into or
  2. Go to the [Advanced Query] page.
  3. In the Query Control box, choose Issues from the Search For dropdown.
  4. Also in the Query Control box, choose OR credits, AND other fields in the Behavior dropdown.
  5. In the Available Story Types picker, choose cover and click the arrow to move it to Chosen Story Types.
  6. In the Credits fields enter your artist in the Penciller and Inker fields.
  7. In the Available Collections picker, choose all of your "Have" collections and click the arrow to move them to Chosen Collections.
  8. Click the Query button at either the top or bottom of the page.
  9. You will have a list of all the comics that you own that have not been indexed yet at the GCD.

If you would like to see them as a cover gallery, click the "advanced query" link in the text at the top of the page ("Refine your query using an advanced query...). Your previous selections will all be saved. Change the Search For to Covers and click the Query button again.

(end of instructions)

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