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How To Submit A Missing Title

If you want to add a new Series yourself, please follow the tutorial at Adding a Missing Series. If you want to submit an Error Report and have someone else try to add the new Series, continue below.

First, make sure the title is actually missing from the database. Try searching for it in different ways, just including a single word from the title, for instance. Titles are supposed to be listed under their indicia title, but sometimes they may have been set up differently. If the title really is missing from the database, we want to know about it. If a title is listed under something other than its indicia title, we want to know about it.

Report an error of type "missing series" at The Error Tracker and include as much of the following information as you can. The more you include, and the closer to this order you put it, the more quickly it is likely to be added.

Please supply the following information:

  1. Title as it appears in the publishing data/indicia
  2. Publisher's name
  3. Country of publishing & language
  4. Format (which consists of these elements)
    1. Color or Black & White
    2. Dimensions (regular comic size, magazine size, etc.)
    3. Binding (Saddle-stitched [stapled through the spine like a magazine], softcover/squarebound, or hardcover)
    4. Paper stock (if known)
    5. Publishing format (Ongoing, Limited Series, Graphic Novel, One-Shot, Collected Edition)
  5. Years of Publication (years first and last issue came out)
  6. Publication date of first and last issue (if you give us this, we have the years covered)
  7. Issue range (number of first and last issues; note any known unusual numbering such as skipped numbers, repeated numbers or numbering restarts)

It is important to maintain the quality of the database. For this reason, the Editors may ask for verification regarding rare or unusual books. Verification will probably be in the form of a photocopy or a scan of the cover and indica page, or through independent confirmations, or another satisfactory method. This is to prevent non-existent comics from being entered into the database.

Note that while you cannot attach such a scan to the error when you first report it, you may attach files *after* you report the error. The attachments box is a gray box a little ways down the error report page.