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This page is intended to preserve information about significant appearances of people, things, ideas, etc. in comic books. While things like first appearances of a particular character may be noted here, those are often easily found elsewhere. This page will specifically keep track of when our mailing lists discuss things like initial or significant appearances of art techniques, significant milestones in a creator's work, etc.

Wherever possible, information here should cite references, even if only to a thread on a mailing list on a particular day.


Giant Props (as often used by Bill Finger)

  • The week of June 26, 2006 on cdbl-chat contains several threads about the first use of giant props (typewriters, etc.) in Batman comics.
  • The week of Monday, May 19 also contains threads on this topic (probably continuing into the following week) but is not linked to the archives yet at the time of this edit. This note is here to remind us to add the link once the archive updates at the end of the week.


Pete Ross (Clark Kent's best friend in the Silver Age)

PeteRoss Montage Gallery.jpg

  • Information and scan from "Crazy Ed" Savitt, used by permission.

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