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Let's say you want to add a new variant cover to an existing index. Let's start with Spike vs. Dracula #1, which has a total of 6 variant covers but only has one loaded into the database.

New cover 1.JPG

Selecting the "Edit Cover" link underneath the existing image will display the following:

New cover 2.JPG

The Button labeled #1 will allow you to create a new variant AND upload the cover for it.  This is what you will do most of the time.

The Button labeled #2 will allow you to upload a second image to the base cover.  Usually for dust jackets and such, not variants.

The Button labeled #3 will allow you to move the existing cover to a new variant.

Selecting button #1 will take you to the cover upload screen.  It is very similar to the cover upload screen from the past with a couple extra questions.  (Please note that the cover I chose to upload here is NOT a valid cover for Spike vs Dracula #1 but is actually the cover for #5 but used here for demonstration purposes only)

New cover 3.JPG

The main things here is that you can give your Variant a name.  Rules for naming Variants are at the Variant Issues page.

Second is the Variant Artwork checkbox.  If you are uploading a cover with newartwork you check this box.  If you are just uploading a newstand version of the direct cover the artwork is the same leave that box unchecked.

Once you upload the cover you will have to wait for an editor to approve, just like normal.

Editors: The above example lands in the Pending Covers section of the queue.  It will look like this:

New cover 4.JPG

Once the new variant is approved by an editor it will be seen in the "base" issue and be available to edit the new variant and add credits.

New cover 5.JPG

(end of instructions)

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