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For Creator Membership, Awards, Non-Comic Work, School, or School Degree information, enter a Year in both the Begin and End year fields. If you are uncertain of any of these, check the appropriate "Uncertain" box.

These fields are all optional to fill in.

If using the Who's Who as a source for the years of Non-Comic Work, please be aware of the limitations of that original data. Credits that look like this: ">74 75 76 77" should not be taken as literal dates. They were date ranges used by Jerry Bails for sorting purposes in his database. In these cases, the correct date is within the text of the credit itself: "Artist: Magazines: 1974+" ,meaning, "from 1974 onwards". Entering the dates as "1974 to 1977" might be correct, but it is just as likely not correct. It could range from 1974 only to 1974 or to any year thereafter just as easily. Also, dates of the style "-1984-" mean sometime before and after 1984, with only 1984 being a date known for certain.

One of Jerry's associate editors reports that these date lists were created when he upgraded to a Macintosh computer around 1989 from the old one-bit Lucy computer he used to use. The newer computer gave him a lot of extra power to create scripts. One of the changes he did was to add these date ranges after credits, to allow him to run scripts to better sort data and perform finds. So when stuff like "early 1960s" appears, he would add ">60 61 62 63" only to make sure that this information showed up in searches for that time period. This was for sorting/finding purposes and NOT a definitive listing of the years for that credit or work.

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