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IMPs are Indexing Measuring Points and are how membership is determined at the GCD.

The indexing/approval requirements to be a voting member are to have 4000 points calculated from a user's approved changesets measured as follows:

  1. 5 points for a cover or other image change (addition or replacement)
  2. 1 point for any logical field changed, where a "logical field" is defined as a group of database fields that together describe a single piece of information as determined by the Board. Fields in which the only data entered indicates that the indexer does not know the correct value, with no guess provided, do not contribute any points to the total. Additional fields that are changed automatically as the result of a user's actions (such as cascading re-setting of brands due to a publisher being changed) do not accrue IMPs.
  3. 10 bonus points for the first addition of an object other than Story or Cover objects to the database (user is recorded as indexer on the first known changeset for that object). The Board may, at its discretion, consider a given earliest changeset to not represent an addition when there is evidence of earlier work. In such a case, the points are calculated without the 10 point bonus.
  4. 3 points for the user listed as the approver of any changeset in a terminal state (including APPROVED or DISCARDED as well as any future such terminal states)
  5. 1 point upon the approval of any deletion, no matter how many objects are involved in the deletion changeset. The Board may, at its discretion, opt to subtract IMPs from the balance of anyone who wastes time by individually deleting objects instead of using available bulk delete options after being warned once by any approver or Board member.

The "logical fields" point mentioned above refers to the "no_" fields, each of which are paired with another field. For example, script is paired with no_script, pencils with no_pencils, indicia_frequency with no_indicia_frequency, isbn with no_isbn, etc. So if you fill out one of those fields you get a point. If you clear out that field and then fill in the corresponding opposite field, that counts as one point, not two, because for each pair you can either check the no_ box or you can fill in the data, so each pair works as a team to convey information.

Based on the Board Votes: