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  • Required
  • An integer, unique to every story/item in the issue. The first sequence, which is usually the cover, is assigned a Sequence of "0" and each subsequent story or item is automatically assigned the next number up in order.
  • The indexer can manually override the sequence number in order to add a sequence in between two existing sequences. Negative and decimal numbers can be used. For instance a sequence number of 0.5 will insert the next sequence in between existing Sequence 0 and Sequence 1. The new sequence will become Sequence 1 and the following sequences will be renumbered automatically to the next whole number.
  • Sequences can be reordered using the 'Reorder issue stories' button. Negative and decimal numbers can also be used here.
  • Existing sequences can be copied using the 'Copy Sequence' button.

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Future revision: Should probably add how to determine what makes a new sequence a new sequence, when to lump and when to split, reference to reprints, etc

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