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In addition to the general credit formatting rules, the following apply specifically to the editing field.

  • Required on the Issue level, optional on all other types of sequences (used to be entered on the cover sequence)
  • If there is no editor at all (not just an unknown editor), check the "No Editing" box. As with all other credits, if the editor is unknown, enter a "?".
  • In most cases where an editor is listed the credit applies to the entire book, so this field only needs to be filled in the issue level data and left blank otherwise. In some anthology comics there are separate editors listed for each story, and in those cases the field may be filled out in each applicable sequence. Also in sequences that are reprinted from other comics, the original editor may be listed.
  • When the only words used in the book being indexed to credit a creator are "editor," "editing," "edits by" or similar, the word "editor" will be added to the "Credit description' field.

  • Examples:
* Julius Schwartz (editor)
* Julius Schwartz (original editor); Denny O'Neil (reprint editor) 
* Shelly Bond (editor); Gregory Lockard (assistant editor)

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Policy Votes Affecting This Topic

Ballot 433: Editor Vote 2 - 2020-11-21

Ballot 432: Editor Vote 1 - 2020-11-21

Ballot 423: Editor in Credit Description- 2020-10-21

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