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Who can contribute?

The Grand Comics Database is a project devoted to indexing the contents of every comic book ever published. The scope of this undertaking requires a great deal of co-operative work. As such, anyone with an interest in either comic books or databases is welcome to contribute. No amount of information is too small or too large.

What publications are eligible for entry?

A publication whose content is at least 50% comics or cartoons, not counting advertisements and the covers, or which is an issue of a run of a periodical whose surrounding issues mostly meet this criteria. (per Board vote)

What are the ways in which I can contribute?

Error Tracker

Probably the simplest way to contribute is to find errors or omissions in our data and submit them to our error tracker. More info about the error list can be found on our Error Tracker FAQ. Now that all indexers can make corrections to the database themselves, we encourage you to get an Online Indexing account and submit your changes through the main web site. However if that does not suit you or if you are unsure as to what to change, we will be very happy to hear from you in an error report instead.

Uploading Covers

The other easiest way to contribute is to upload scans of covers we don't have online. See the Covers FAQ for more info.


If you have some comics that we have no info about, you could become an indexer. There is more info about that on our Indexing page. An indexer is a person who has contributed the information about a comic to the GCD. The majority of the time we use the term to apply to someone with log-in access to our Online Indexing, but it could also be used to apply to someone who submits data in a flat-file format (such as a spreadsheet or tab-separated text file). The current Online Indexing system allows uploading tab-separated text files as an alternative to using the web forms.

Email Lists

If you want to share info about what you know, you could join our e-mail discussion lists. More info about those on our Email Lists FAQ page. If you hang out long enough on the email lists, you will likely find other ways to contribute.


Indexers who have shown they have a good grasp on our policies, an eye for detail and an above average knowledge of comics may become Editors, in charge of approving the information added by others. The Editors and the Board of Directors are currently working on defining how to become an Editor. In the meantime, please inquire on our mailing lists if you have been indexing with the project for a while and are interested in the Editor position.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the overall policies for the project and manages the Grand Comicbook Database Foundation. Board members are elected as described in our Charter.

Technology Group

The Tech group work on implementation of the website and tools related to the data. See this page for more information or join the gcd-tech email group.

What data can be added to the database?

Contributors may not copy existing, published indexes, synopses or solicitation text without the permission of the copyright holder. Copyright laws and good manners prohibit such. If you have obtained permission, you must notate in the index the source of the material. Comic book covers from other sources (web sites or compilation CD's) are not allowed to be used unless you have obtained their permission. All efforts should be made to scan your own covers.

What is a Member of the GCD? How do I become one?

A Member of the GCD is someone who has contributed to the GCD in a specific way, as defined in the The GCD Charter. The most common way to gain membership is to contribute to the database through online indexing.