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Type defines the general sort of item of a sequence that is being indexed.


  • Use most applicable one from the drop-down in the Online Interface, or (if indexing offline) from the following list.
  • Story, Cover, Text Article and Text Story entries must be included when indexing a comic, all others are optional
    • Comic Story - A standard comic strip sequence. Narrative sequences in sequential-art format of two panels or more are Type "Comic Story".
    • Cover - The front cover, always the first sequence indexed.
      • If a comic comes in multiple versions with different covers these should be indexed as variants, each with their own cover sequence. A flip cover is the only valid case of a second cover sequence and is at the end.
      • For hardcover books with dust jackets, the dust jacket is not included as part of the page count. However, the dust jacket will be indexed as the cover (Sequence 0) if the dust jacket is available to the indexer. The indexer will indicate in the Cover's Notes field if the actual cover's appearance is identical to the dust jacket cover. The indexer will index the actual cover as Sequence 1 only if the actual cover is not blank and if the actual cover's appearance is different than the dust jacket.
      • Use Cover Reprint (on interior page) for reprints of covers inside the book.
      • For information on adding cover scans, see Covers_FAQ.
    • Text Article - A written factual article, which may or may not have illustrations.
    • Text Story - A prose story, which may or may not have illustrations.
  • The following types of entries are optional but encouraged.
    • About Comics - Any article about comics stories, strips, and panels, their creators, their publishers, or profiles or histories of comics features, characters, or publications.
    • Activity - Any puzzle, crossword, paper doll, game, plans for building models, collecting, etc. that urge reader activity or interaction.
    • Advertisement - Advertisement for non-comic products. A detailed model for indexing non-comics-format advertising has been adopted but not yet implemented, see Non-Comics-Style Advertising. (Use Promo (by the publisher) for advertisements for other comics).
    • Comics-form Advertising - Advertisements that are also comics or cartoons. Advertisements with just illustrations of comic characters do not qualify for this type.
    • Blank Page(s) - Empty page with no content.
    • Cartoon - A single panel cartoon, or a page (or pages) of multiple single-panel cartoons that do not work together to tell a story. For instance, a page of single panel gags.
    • Character Profile - A prose article (with or without illustrations) giving character or story setting background information (such as in DC's Who's Who or Marvel's Official Handbooks)
    • Cover Reprint (on interior page) - A reprint of a cover in another book (with or without the text of that original cover), such as in a cover gallery or chapter breaks in a reprint edition. This Type is appropriate regardless of what page the reprint appears on, including the back cover. All cover reprints of 1/4 page in size or larger will have a reprint link. Cover reprints smaller than 1/4 page will not have a link; it is recommended that the smaller cover reprints be noted in the notes field. (Use Cover if the reprint is used on the front cover of another comic)
    • Credits, Title Page - Use for any pages with text about the physical content of the comic/book itself, for example listing the creators of the work inside the comic or other credits, title pages, verso pages, chapter title pages, copyright, or publishing information.
    • Foreword, Introduction, preface, afterward - Use for any pages with text about the story content of the comic/book itself, for example Forewords, Afterwards, Dedications. (Use Recap for summaries of previous issues, use Letters for pages with letters from readers).
    • Illustration - A page of art where text is minimal, but not part of a story (a story splash page, for instance, does not count as a separate illustration sequence). Art may be of any type: hand drawn, photograph, computer generated, or other.
    • In-house columns/promotional texts - These are re-occurring columns or other promotional text usually written by an editor that tend to run across a line of comics. Examples include DC Nation, Cup of Joe, Stan's Soapbox etc,
    • Insert or dust jacket - A non-comic item inserted in, attached to or packaged with a book, such as 3-D glasses, poster, trading cards, buttons.
    • Letters page - Letters of comment or letter column. May also include Fan Art. For detailed information on how to use this Type, see Letters and Fan Art.
    • Photo Story - A story in which photos replace most or all of the artwork (also known as fumetti throughout the world)
    • Promo (ad from the publisher) - Any house ad, subscription offer, or other material designed to boost interest in other comics. This could be used to designate an introductory teaser strip, etc. 'Promo' covers all of these except for In-house columns which has its own type. Relegate details to the Synopsis field. See also "Backcovers" below, for use of this type.
    • Preview - A multi-page excerpt from an upcoming publication used to promote that publication. This excerpt is not a complete story or an entire chapter of a complete story in-and-of itself (if there is a promo that IS a complete story, it should be of type Story instead, such as the New Teen Titans story that debuted in DC Comics Presents #26). Single page house ads that contain a cover or panels that build a summary or a splash page should use Promo and not Preview.
    • Public Service Announcement - This is usually an advertisement or an editorial promoting awareness of a worthy cause or group.
    • Recap - A sequence such as a "The story so far..." page designed to summarize previous stories while being obviously distinct from the current story.
    • Statement of Ownership - A notice required by U. S. postal regulations about the owners and management of the publication, and circulation figures.
    • Table of Contents
  • The following types are no longer used, but are present while we update the data to move the sequences to the correct current type:
    • Backcovers - Was used for back cover of a comic book. NO LONGER USED. For wraparound covers, give the cover a page count of 2. For a back cover that is hyping the content of the book, choose Promo (ad from the publisher). If only artwork appears on the back cover of a comic that is not part of a wraparound cover, it should be indexed as Illustration.
    • Biography (non-fictional) - Was used as a special type of text article biography, either of the creators of the comic or someone else. The type biography is now handled by the corresponding genre for a text article.
    • Filler - Per a Policy vote of 2014-04-17, the type "filler" has been eliminated. Please DO NOT assign this to sequences. Sequences currently listed as "filler" will be re-assigned to different types depending on the nature of the sequence. If you find sequences of type "filler", please re-assign them to other types as appropriate.
  • Note not all of these types of items need be indexed, though it is preferred to do so in order to get a full index of the contents of a comic. In the past, the GCD has said that, in particular, ads, promos and letter pages normally need not be included. These are usually included only if something noteworthy appears (for example, the Captain Tootsie ads by C. C. Beck).

(end of definition for the current OI)

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