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General Information Sources

  • Jerry Bails' Who's Who in American Comics - a listing of creators working in U.S. comics up to the year 2000. Creators' work is listed by publisher and feature that they worked on. Useful for narrowing down possibilities for unknown artists prior to 2000. Be sure to read the FAQ there for helpful searching hints.
  • ComicList - a source for release dates for U.S. comic books from 1991 to present. Useful for adding on-sale dates and keydates to publications without indicia dates. For older books, also check the ComicList Database And Archive.
  • The GCD Email Lists - The members of the GCD Email lists are a wealth of information and there are archives of previous email discussions available for members. See the Email Lists FAQ for subscription option.
  • The Central Library Catalog - Good for the publisher and publishing date for obscure comics-related books. CAUTION: The title catalogued here is the title page title, not the title in the publishing data/indicia.
  • WorldCat - WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog.
  • eBay - Of course, eBay is a source of cover images for comics, including some obscure issues.
  • Webcomics Offline - Webcomics Offline, is a digital portal leading to books derived directly from webcomics, in short, webcomics in paper-format. Includes many comics not found in the Diamond distribution catalog.
  • Inducks - a worldwide authority on Disney comics publications.
  • Stripper's Guide - in-depth information on newspaper strips with links to creator interviews.
  • BARNEY - information on features, creators and more that have appeared in the British comic series 2000 AD.

By Publisher / Fictional Universe

Acclaim / Valiant

  • Valiant Fans has a very comprehensive listing of comics published by Acclaim or Valiant Comics




  • I.N.D.U.C.K.S. - a free database of Disney comics throughout the world. Useful for finding creator and reprint information for Disney comics. When using information from their site make sure to cite them: "The data presented here is based on information from the freely available Inducks database." and list their website URL with the citation.

Timely / Atlas / Marvel

  • Atlas Tales has much information for Atlas-Timely-Marvel titles.


By Era

Platinum and Victorian Ages

Golden Age

By Language / Nation / Region





Czech Republic

  • database of comics published in the Czech Republic (in Czech)



  • database on French language comics (bandes dessinées), mainly from France and Belgium.
  • BDoubliées: database of "forgotten" (ie. out-of-print) French comics


  • Deutscher Comic Guide: German Comic Guide is a bibliographic database of Comics in German with almost 100.000 entries.



  • Manga Encyclopedia (a part of Anime News Network) - contains information on Japanese manga creators and series, both original Japanese releases and Western translations.
  • Shokage Archives - a list of many tankobon from the 1960s to the present in Japanese
  • Manga Database Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs Web Database for Manga, Anime, Games. Link goes directly to manga. In Japanese.
  • Manga Magazine Blog a well organised blog of the contents of popular manga magazines. Not updated since 2014. Includes covers.
  • Hakusensha List list of books and magazines from Hakusensha, mostly shojo. Not updated since 2013, but a very good source for reprints



  • todocoleccion collectibles for sale, much like eBay. Comics are found under the section "TEBEOS, COMICS, CUENTOS Y PULP."


United Kingdom

  • Comics UK British comics, story-papers, writers, artists and other information (1874-present)

Out of Place

The following link doesn't belong here, but we might want to put it somewhere:

Hero Initiative - a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators in need