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The full barcode as printed on the item.

  • We do not use this field for other numbers.
  • No_barcode is checked if no barcode is present.
  • If two barcodes are printed inside the same box (typically a long one with 11, 12 or 13 digits and a short one with 2 or 5 digits), enter them together with no spaces.
  • If two barcodes are present in different boxes, enter them separated by a semi-colon. These cases are quite rare and mostly found in books,
  • The barcode field can be turned off for a series if no issues have a barcode.
  • On the compare page a note will say if the number is a valid barcode according to the UPC or EAN standard.
    • UPC = 12 digits
    • EAN = 13 digits
    • the extra two digits are called EAN-2, the extra five digits are called EAN-5; neither matters for validation purposes
  • Note that publishers used and use barcodes which do not fulfil these standards. For example Marvel (till 1987) and DC (till July 1988) did use barcodes with 11 digits (and maybe the additional 2/5 digit ones) without the necessary check digit at the end. Although for such non-standard barcodes invalid will show on the compare page, these should still be entered.

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