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  • Optional
  • The Feature Logo Field will record exactly the spelling of the Feature name as it appears in a Logo.
  • Feature names generally are uniform and remain the same issue after issue. Logos can be changed. For example, a Peanuts feature may have a logo that reads Peanuts Featuring Good Ol' Charlie Brown. So Feature remains Peanuts, while the Feature Logo Field will be recorded as Peanuts Featuring Good Ol' Charlie Brown.

Examples: Feature: Dr. Strange, Logo: Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts! Feature: Batman, Logo: Bat-Man

  • Unique logo styles can be recorded too.

Example: Feature: Superman, Logo: Superman [rounded U] Feature: Superman, Logo: Superman [wider letters] Feature: Superman, Logo: Superman [angled U]

  • This rule does not apply to Cover logos.
  • This rule does not address loading scans of logos at this time, but allows its eventual addition to the database. It will be left up to the tech side of things to implement this rule and may result in future tweaking of this policy as needed.

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