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July 2003

GCD E-mail Archive Guidelines

Hello members and friends of the GCD, While everybody is waiting for the ONLINE INDEX to come back online and some of as can't wait for the excitement of San Diego, I can announce some progess with the e-mail archive. After some lengthy and meticulous discussion, the Board has agreed on the Guidelines which where voted by a 7:2 majority. A vote about an amendment followed, which was rejected by 7:2. So, the final wording can be posted to the list and its members. The GCD Email Archive Guidelines will be added to the website in the near future. The archive itself will be set-up soon as well. We will keep you posted! All the best & keep on indexing!

Matthias Hofmann GCD Board Secretary & Reservation Coordinator


Date: July 13, 2003

1) All messages submitted to any of the discussion lists maintained by the Grand Comic-Book Database become part of the collective work of the GCD. Message writers retain control of the use of their writings outside the GCD and otherwise retain authorship and copyright in and to their own writings.

2) The Board of Directors of the Grand Comics DatabaseTM will maintain archives of all messages to each of the GCD discussion lists. The Board will make these archives available to all members in good standing of the GCD.

3) If any member wishes to have certain of his or her messages blocked from view, that member should contact the GCD Board (through "gcdboard@fm.cybercomm.no") clearly identifying such messages and the reason(s) for requesting the block.

4) A 2/3 majority vote of all Board members is required to block a message. Any such vote must specify a time limit on how long the message will be blocked. All blocked messages will remain in the archive.

5) No blocking shall be permitted of any message to any forum used for official GCD Board discussions, including standing or temporary Board subcommittee discussion lists as well as the regular Board discussion lists.

Superseded by GCD Board Votes - 2010#Update Mailing_List Archive Policy

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