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  • Optional
  • Frequency of publication as listed in the indicia (see the Glossary for a complete definition of the Indicia). By long-standing convention, the preferred entry method for all text-based information is to use the language the comic was published in. English can always be used as an alternate.
  • If the comic does not have an indicia or if the frequency is not listed in the indicia, then leave the Indicia Frequency field blank and click on the "No indicia frequency" checkbox.
  • Use the Notes (Issue) field to enter any frequency that appears on the cover or elsewhere in the issue but not found in the indicia. This is often seen with with "one-shots" or European comic magazines that state "monthly" , "weekly", etc.
  • The entries follow our style guide: For database entries that are not sentences, names, or titles, only proper nouns shall be capitalized.
  • NOTE: Sometimes, the indicia states that a Series is published as a one-shot. When the Series is then properly designated with "Is Singleton" checked, the indicia frequency cannot be entered and displayed at the Series level. A Note for the Issue could then be used to mention the indicia frequency.
  • Examples:

Typical indicia frequencies include: 
 * monthly
 * weekly
 * bi-monthly

Unusual text can also be entered, but ONLY exactly as it is found in the indicia:
 * monthly except the months of June and September
 * infrequently
 * whenever the publisher comes up with enough money

(end of defintion)

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