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  • Optional
  • This is a catch-all field for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else but you think it worth noting. Direct comments about other fields to here with a "(see notes)" comment. Use this field in the cover sequence for notes applying to the cover, and use it in other individual sequences for notes that only apply to that sequence. For notes applying to the whole issue, see Notes (issue).
  • By long-standing convention, the preferred entry method for all text-based information is to use the language the comic was published in. English can always be used as an alternate.
  • Examples (cover sequence):
* Wraparound cover 
* Gatefold cover 
* Die-cut cover 
* Embossed cover 
  • Examples (other sequences):
* Pages 17 and 18 reversed 
* Edited reprint (pages 17 and 18 removed) 
* Story continues in Avengers #56 
* Miscredited to Joe Sinnott. Obvious by style 
* Miscredited to Edmund Hamilton. Appears in Otto Binder's files 
* Miscredited to Robert Kanigher. Corrected in later letter column

(end of defintion)

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