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Definition: Additional information about the publisher. By long-standing convention, the preferred entry method for all text-based information is to use the language the comic was published in. English can always be used as an alternate.

Option: Optional

Data Entry: Longtext field


  • Indexers should NOT include any notes that are specific to a series.
  • Indexers should NOT include information that is or should be stored in another field.
  • Indexers should provide enough information about a publisher without going into a complete history.
  • Indexers should direct direct comments about other fields to the Notes field with a "(see notes)" comment.
  • Links to external sites pre-approved by the Board or by Policy List vote will be allowed in the future. In order to add such a link, an indexer must select a link source from a dropdown menu populated with the list of pre-approved sources, and the link they enter must point to a page on the selected source that is directly related to the GCD record it is being appended to. The pre-approved sources should be well-established, actively maintained sites that provide information that supplements (not merely repeats) information in our own indexes. Examples include Wikipedia, the Internet Movie Database, or the Digital Comics Museum. Wikipedia links, if used, shall be the first entry in the pre-approved source list.


* Publisher of Golden-Age reprints based in Toronto, Ontario.
* Long-running publisher of manga based in Tokyo.

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Policy Votes Affecting This Topic - 2018-09-27

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